5 Ways to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed by a New Project

We’ve all had that moment where we’re faced with an insurmountable learning and development project. You know, the one that feels like you should’ve studied rocket science or that you need to clone yourself to get all the work done by the deadline. I’ve been working on a project like this for a while and... View Article

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5 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Project Manager

What is project management? It’s making the project really happen. Turning vapor into something real. The fact is, we don’t manage projects – we manage people, time and events. Sure, you have to be able to scope it, manage a budget, build a team, develop a plan, and all the rest of it. But if... View Article

4 Reasons to Ask for All the Tough Projects

“My personal philosophy is not to undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible.” — Edwin Land (Founder of Polaroid) I’ve discovered that the true path to personal and professional growth is to find a way to latch on to the toughest, most nobody-can-do-it projects you can find and work your tail... View Article

Webinar Recap: How to Create Meaningful and Engaging Concepts for Compliance Training — Mandatory ≠ Mundane

In our most recent webinar, “How to Create Meaningful and Engaging Concepts for Compliance Training,” we shared tips on how you can make your next compliance training anything but mundane. From bite sized tactics for impactful results, creating meaningful connections through relevant resources, using intentional visuals to illustrate and inspire, and injecting interactive elements to get your audience involved (and excited... View Article

Change Happens at the Individual Level + 4 Other Essential Truths of Change Management

I recently visited the corporate offices of a large company that I hadn’t worked with in 20 years. As I walked around the building, I noticed how much things had changed after two restructurings. The workforce was younger (and no, it’s not just that I’m getting older!) and more diverse. Formal dress had been replaced... View Article

4 Questions to Get to Level 3 Training Evaluation

Did reading just the headline of this article get your heart racing? Did you wonder, “Will this be the one? Have I found the long-sought key to unlocking the secrets of Kirkpatrick’s Level 3 behavioral evaluation? Will I finally have the learning metrics to show a return on investment (ROI) for training?” No pressure, though,... View Article

3 Life Hacks for Working with Multiple Clients (Hint: The answer ISN’T longer hours)

So you’re a freelancer, and your business is booming. You have multiple clients, and multiple projects! Careful what you wish for, right? Being an independent training professional has many advantages — the ability to control your workload and schedule preeminent among them — but it can also be stressful. Having multiple clients means making sure... View Article

6 Reasons Why I Love Being an Instructional Design Consultant

I’ve been consulting in the world of learning and development for about 15 years. I went out on my own in 2010, and have navigated the complex and awesome terrain of a wide range of organizations and industries. When you are a consultant, more of the real world opens up to you. You can focus... View Article

ttcInnovations is a Certified Great Places to Work® for the Second Year in a Row

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 26, 2020 – Nominated by their very own Innovators, ttcInnovations is proud to announce that it has been named a Certified Great Place to Work® for the second year in a row. Certification is a significant achievement. Using validated employee feedback gathered with Great Place to Work’s rigorous, data-driven For All... View Article

Compliance Training: Off-the-Shelf or In-House Development? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

You Wouldn’t Look Good in Orange! That was an inside joke when I led compliance training teams for two large U.S. banks. Although we trained thousands each year, few liked what we did. Business leaders hated hearing from us – as it often meant they had people who were on the “bad list” for late... View Article

What Two Decades in Corporate Training Has Taught Me

Wow, I can’t believe this year marks two decades since I began my career as a corporate training professional that evolved into the role of an instructional designer (ID). I’ve had just about every title for corporate training under the sun, but the job description is usually the same. I’ve learned so much about conducting... View Article