Webinar Recap: The Five Guiding Principles of Effective Microlearning

Emily Meade
Posted: June 5, 2019

In a powerful survey by ATD, 90% of learners reported better understanding of fundamental concepts after completing a microlearning component. 84% of learners said they were more likely to put new concepts to immediate use when microlearning was offered, and 59% of learners completed MORE training than required when offered via microlearning components. If you didn’t get a chance to tune in to our recent webinar, The Five Guiding Principles of Effective Microlearning, to find out how you can create — well, effective microlearning, this is your comprehensive guide (and FREE replay) to everything we covered! One of our Master Instructional Designers, Kesha Dougan, shared valuable insights on implementing microlearning to meet the rising trends in the L&D industry. Read below to see what attendees had to say, get a recap of the topics and resources covered, and access a full replay to watch at your convenience!

Raves and Reviews

Wonderful webinar, captivating to hear how microlearning can be such an effective part of a training strategy to meet the ever-evolving needs of learners. As someone who turns microlearning (most frequently YouTube tutorials) on a regular basis, I was nodding in agreement throughout the entire webinar! – Nicole W.
There were so many valuable takeaways during this session! I can’t wait to use some of Kesha’s tips for my next microlearning component. – Emily W.
Excellent session with Kesha!  I always enjoy taking part in these webinars as they are very informative and I walk away with great tips to implement in my daily work.  Thanks for a great session. – Carmela D.

Learning Nuggets

Here’s what this webinar covered:

  • When and where to incorporate microlearning into your training strategy
  • How to choose the right format for your training to make the biggest impact
  • How to create affordable and engaging microlearning through inspiring examples
  • Why microlearning is an effective and quick solution to meet the evolving needs of learners
  • How to integrate the five guiding principles for the most effective microlearning components

ttc Takeaways

Micro learning is NOT taking a one hour module and breaking it down into six ten minute modules. Click To Tweet 90% of learners reported better understanding of fundamental concepts after completing a microlearning component. Do you need help with your microlearning strategy? Click To Tweet According to ATD Research survey results, the average maximum amount of time participants reported that microlearning should be is 10 minutes or less. Click To Tweet “Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” — John Holt Click To Tweet



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