Webinar Recap: How to Design Your PowerPoint Slides like a Pro

Jessica Howell
Posted: May 23, 2018

Yesterday’s webinar was one of my all-time favorites and according to our attendees, it looks like I wasn’t the only one blown away by the actionable PowerPoint tips that Kesha and Cortney shared with us on How to Design Your PowerPoint Slides like a Pro!

Raves & Reviews

“This was a fantastic webinar. Every bit of information that was presented was helpful. The presentation was fun, concise, and applicable. Please have more!!” – Amy B.
“Great facilitation & spot-on examples & suggestions!” – Pam K.
“Presenters were great, and I loved seeing the slides “madeover” in real time!” – Laura J.

Learning Nuggets

Here’s what they discovered along the way…

  • Actionable tips and tricks for working with restrictive brand standards
  • How to get creative with color palettes while incorporating secondary colors
  • Tips for getting client approval & convincing the toughest critics to love your work
  • How to utilize classic graphic design techniques to control visual hierarchy
  • The do’s and don’ts for incorporating stock images and graphics into training

Quotes & ttc Takeaways

Here’s a little preview of our favorite quotes from this session and our top ttc takeaways!

Give yourself permission to be BOLD! Click To Tweet #PowerPoint Tip: Stock images should be placed at a min of 1,200 px wide. Click To Tweet Let your message speak louder than your visuals! Click To Tweet

Replay & Bonus

If you’re ready to leave a lasting impact with your presentation slides, dive into the replay here!

As as added bonus, you’ll find out how you can win our ultimate brand style guide checklist. This handy quick reference guide is the secret to ensure uniformity across all learning content. Keeping this close by when creating your deliveres to remain consistent and congruent with brand standards.

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