Webinar Recap: How to Create Meaningful and Engaging Concepts for Compliance Training — Mandatory ≠ Mundane

Jessica Howell
Posted: April 29, 2020

In our most recent webinar, “How to Create Meaningful and Engaging Concepts for Compliance Training,” we shared tips on how you can make your next compliance training anything but mundane. From bite sized tactics for impactful results, creating meaningful connections through relevant resources, using intentional visuals to illustrate and inspire, and injecting interactive elements to get your audience involved (and excited to learn!) This on-demand webinar will help you create less-is-more learning that’s relevant, effective, drives business results and bonus, your learners enjoy taking it. Enjoy this recap and grab the replay information at the bottom of the post!

Raves & Reviews

“I love all of your presentations. Everyone has great presentation styles.” – M. A.
“Really fun and engaging.” – Michael R.
“Fantastic job! Great samples and super engaging!” – Debbie W.

Learning Nuggets

  • Transferring concepts into everyday practice.
  • How you can tap into emotions and inspire the masses!
  • Breaking through creative blocks with innovative ideas
  • Borrow our brains and breathe life into even the stalest of topics.
  • Practical ways to make compliance fun and effective even if your budget is zero.
  • Bite-sized tactics for impactful results
  • Creating meaningful connections through relevant resources
  • Using intentional visuals to illustrate and inspire • Being interactive and getting your audience involved (and excited to learn!)

ttc Takeaways

“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.” – John Holt via @ttcinnovations Click To Tweet Good Titles = Useful, Urgent, Unique, Ultra-specific via @ttcinnovations Click To Tweet

Our peers came ready to learn and were eager to share their experiences with each other. Thank you to all for participating and sharing your tips with us!

Additional Ideas Shared from Our Attendees:

  • Having the trainees to remember a situation they had and what was the result of it. — Stellamaris B.
  • You can add on image funny to make the trainees to laugh and remember better — Stellamaris B.
  • Ensuring the SMEs get relevant info from folks in the trenches. Sometimes the SMEs haven’t done the job in a while. — Tim E.
  • Case studies can be fun [to showcase real life scenarios]… role playing… I have set up scenarios and asked learners what they would do…It works great in a way, but also can bring up things you may not have considered. — Susan E.
  • Making training more relevant to the learner’s role. — Dara G.
  • Like you said, tying into family. We have a value called the “mom rule” where we work on something like it is our own mothers (we do construction). — Hannah P.

On-Demand Replay

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