Webinar Recap: How to Bring Your Powerpoint Training to Life with Better Animations & Transitions

Emily Meade
Posted: August 1, 2018

If you missed our recent webinar, “How to Design Your Powerpoint Slides Like a Pro,” you’ll definitely want to tune in before catching up on yesterday’s webinar, “How to Bring Your PowerPoint Training to Life with Better Animations & Transitions.” In this continuation from our first Powerpoint webinar, Master Instructional Designer, Kesha, and Freelance Graphic Designer, Cortney instruct how to add animations and transitions to your slides to capivate and engage your learners. Enjoy this recap and grab the replay information at the bottom of the post!

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Raves & Reviews

“Fun, exciting and informative. More, please.” – Barbara D.
“Loved the energy and excitement of presenters. Great use of practical tips, sharing take aways in the chat, etc. Very interactive and engaging.” – Beth P.
“Always love attending your webinars. The examples and checkin questions are a great approach and keeps me engaged. I’m going back to work after a long sabbatical and the tips/resources help me to get my mind back into things.” – Elaine S.
“You all did a great job. Your voices were very upbeat, and it sounded as if you both were having fun. I think the topic can be a bit complex and you made it simple. The time went by quickly.” – Cheryl S.
“What a great presentation with lots of tips to implement with ease.” – Karen D.

Learning Nuggets

Here’s what this webinar covered:

  • The do’s and don’ts of adding conscious movement to liven up your training with purpose
  • How to play with visual timing to offer an unexpected, yet sophisticated surprise
  • Tips for using hotspot transitions to craft affordable, effective, and rapid web-based training
  • How to evaluate the function and purpose of animations for added contextual impact

ttc Takeaways

Less is more memorable! Watch the replay for how to make your Powerpoint slides better with animations & transitions. Click To Tweet Rule of thumb: Cortney recommends animating objects with a duration of 3 seconds or longer. Click To Tweet Watch Kesha’s hot spot tutorial here: http://bit.ly/hotspottutorial Click To Tweet Want a step-by-step tutorial for greying out images? Watch here! http://bit.ly/keshatutorial Click To Tweet


Click the button below to catch up on the replay!


  1. Done-for-you PPT animation templates 
  2. Handy animations cheat sheet ⭐
  3. Resources guide ⭐ (including our favorite royalty-free photo sites!)
  4. Kesha’s hot spot secret sauce tutorial
  5. Kesha’s tutorial for greying out images
  6. How to Design Your PowerPoint Slides like a Pro webinar replay

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