Using Responsive eLearning to Engage Millennials

Cynthia Brendza
Posted: October 19, 2016

Imagine that you are in charge of learning for your organization and the head of the department that you support has come back from a trip and tells you that she just read an article on the plane about Responsive eLearning.  She wants you to look into it because it sounds very interesting.

You assure her you will, and then think to yourself: “What is responsive eLearning?”  So you google it!  Responsive eLearning is a single course that plays well on any device — desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone — and in any orientation, either horizontal or vertical. The course dynamically adapts itself to the size and type of device on which it is being viewed.

Let's face it, it's not often you see a millennial without a phone in their hand. Why not structure your training around this device to help engage these learners? Click through to read how responsive elearning can help engage tech-savvy millenials

Now you’re thinking that you were just recently looking at ways to engage our employees who are made up mostly of millennials and that this tool might fit right into that strategy because:

1. Millennials access their smartphones on average 43 times a day.  Including the flexibility of allowing them to access learning on something other than their desktops may increase the likelihood of their completing eLearning assignments. Using a responsive eLearning methodology would also appeal to our Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers as well as our Millennials by giving them options and flexibility.

2. Responsive eLearning also supports micro-learning.  Millennials prefer “bite-size” chunks of learning, things they can take on the go. Being able to access learning on their smartphones will be a big hit!

[Tweet “Millennials prefer “bite-size” chunks of learning, things they can take on the go. Being able to access learning on their smartphones will be a big hit!”]

3. Millennials love social media, so taking advantage of that approach – you could build a collaborative site where they could go and work in groups on assignments, sharing and discovering answers to the learning points in the training. This adds interactivity, fun, and teamwork to the learning, which Millennials love! Responsive eLearning definitely could support this effort.

4. We can use video. Studies show that 72% of the Millennial population turns to YouTube when they want to find something out or learn something new.  Incorporating videos into our learning, especially using a micro-learning concept and social learning collaboration, would be totally engaging for Millennials! And again, Responsive eLearning totally supports this approach.

5. Our employees have expressed wanting to have more control over their learning and wanting more of a learning path approach. They want to be able to create the journey by being able to learn, practice, and if needed, try again on their own time on a device of their choice.

In today’s modern age and with all the tools at your disposal, responsive eLearning looks like it’s the way to go!

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