Top 10 Tweets and Tips That Will Ease Your #LSCon FOMO

Emily Meade
Posted: April 3, 2019

Although we would have loved to make it to the Learning Solutions 2019 Conference and Expo, we are living vicariously through all the posts across social media. From inspiring keynotes to insightful workshop sessions, we have scoured the web (Twitter, specifically) for the best tweets and tips that will ease your #LSCon FOMO.

This year’s conference had a special focus on the future of work in the L&D industry. Some of the main topics covered included instructional design, AR/VR, accessible design, mircolearning, and learning and technology. With over 175 sessions, you can bet that this conference was jam-packed with takeaways for training solutions. Here are just a few resources we came across in our search:

1. We always appreciate good advice!

2. Adding these to our summer reading list…

3. Aka… #UnlockInnovation!

4. Bring it back to your audience.

5. Hey, this reminds us of our recent webinar!

6. Speaking of tools we love!

7. … and free resources!

8. Who else enjoys a good expo?

9. Friendly reminder to prepare for the future!

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10. Until next time…


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