Top 10 Tweets and Takeaways That Will Ease Your #ATD2018 FOMO

Jessica Howell
Posted: May 16, 2018

#ATD2018 week may be over, but if you’re like us, you’re still combing through your notes, following up with your new contacts, and processing all that there was to learn. Fortunately for us, nearly our entire employee team was able to attend last week’s fun —including our Mix & Mingle event, which was a huge success (more on this in the coming weeks)! For now, we’d love to highlight some of our favorite tweets, takeaways, quotes & resources that were shared throughout the week for anyone who couldn’t make it or for those who want a bit of a refresher.

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1. Speaking of innovation…

2. Can we get an “Amen!”?

3. For those of you who couldn’t wake up at 5 am to see Obama speak…

4. We’re just going to leave this right here…

5. Learning organizations, this one is for you!

6. Take it one step at a time!

7. We’re Marcus’s biggest fans.

8. We REALLY want to know!

9. And the ultimate updated list you just can’t miss…

10. Funny and SO true!

“PowerPoint should be regulated by the FDA! If we are just flipping through slides just give it to them. We need to engage them!” – Elliott Masie

Speaking of PowerPoint, have you signed up for our next webinar on May 22 at 12 pm CT, How to Design Your PowerPoint Slides like a Pro? This session is perfect for recovering PowerPointers who are looking for creative ways to mix things up and truly engage their learners!

To see more recaps & fun behind the scenes from our #ATD2018 week, head over to our Instagram Stories Highlights! Will we see you at #ATD2019?

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