Why the Best Learning Activities Are Made for Four

Kesha Dougan
Posted: March 27, 2018

Welcome to Tiny Topics!!!!

Tiny topics are tidbits, tricks, or tools intended to inspire, enlighten, inform, and maybe even amuse you — all delivered in less than one tiny minute of your busy day! As a leader in innovation at ttcInnovations, it’s my personal passion to ensure that our team continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Earlier this year, I rolled out this concept in the form of a weekly email to our team. These microlearning lessons have been a quick hit with our Innovators, so we thought — why not share them with the world?

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Keep reading for a simple spark of knowledge and download these helpful prompts to ignite your innovative flame for your next team-building activity!

Learning Activities in Fours

Four, 4, IV, cuatro, vier…any way you say it — four is the MAGIC NUMBER when it comes to group learning activities for many reasons!

Check out this perfect four-square team for an impactful activity.

The perfect four-square team includes a:

  1. Facilitator — responsible for:
    1. Asking every student to share their ideas
    2. Making sure everyone’s ideas are heard
    3. Inviting others to make suggestions on what to do next
  2. Accountability manager — responsible for:
    1. Making sure all members can answer the instructor’s questions
    2. Being prepared to present their group’s ideas if called upon
  3. Skeptic — responsible for:
    1. Challenging each group member to justify and explain their thinking in detail
    2. Questioning each group member’s approach and ideas
  4. Team captain — responsible for:
    1. Communicating with the instructor — the only learner who can ask the instructor a question or leave their seat to get information
    2. Clearly showing/explaining to the group anything the instructor offers in a huddle

If you want to employ a fun group work activity like this in your next learning module, download these helpful prompts to give participants ideas on what questions they might ask or phrases they might use in each role.

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