Three Tips to Help Employees Apply Training to Their Jobs

Lisa Ekern
Posted: February 24, 2017

We spend hours upon hours creating training and delivering it to our employees. We know we have executed all the proper steps throughout the instructional design and implementation processes, yet we still wonder…will our employees be able to apply what they learned to their job? Here are three tips to keep in mind when designing future courses.

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Use a Variety of Learning Modalities

Your employees are a diverse group of individuals. They each have their own personality and learning style. For this reason, you should offer a variety of learning modalities within your course to ensure successful application. For your visual learners, you can include information graphics and flip charts, or share content using a projector. Employ group activities for your hands-on learners. For those who are tech-savvy, try web-based or mobile learning. For your auditory learners, ensure you have robust small and large group discussions when covering key learning points. By appealing to the various learning styles in your group, you create an exciting and stimulating training environment that enables learning, retention and application.

Present Content in Manageable Doses

We have all attended a course in which we sat there for days and left wondering, “What did I really learn?” For your next course, create small bursts of learning that provide your learners with just enough information for success in a short period of time. Allow for a few hours of training per week. Next, provide nesting, which allows the learners to apply knowledge gained in a true-to-life situation. At each subsequent learning experience, prior to sharing new content, review the key learning points from the previous session and how they were applied on the job. Encourage learners to discuss their successes and challenges. This allows you and other classmates to share helpful tips for applying key information in the “nest.”

Provide Performance Support Materials

Now that the learners have completed the wonderful learning experience you created, what else can you do to ensure they apply learning to their job? You can provide performance support materials. Ensure you have job aids readily accessible for them to use. You can:

  • Organize the job aids according to the tasks completed on the job. This makes it easy to locate the needed steps mid-process.
  • Post the job aids to a SharePoint site or imbed them within the systems to which they apply.
  • Taking the time to provide performance support materials makes it quick and easy for employees to access and review key information in their moment of need, and apply the new knowledge to their job.

Ensuring your learners are able to apply knowledge to their job is key to every organization’s success. When developing your next course, remember to address various learning styles, present content in manageable doses and provide performance support. By doing this, you positively impact your employees’ ability to apply their learning on the job.

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