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Posted: May 14, 2014

Earlier this week we stumbled on this post discussing Cammy Bean’s The Accidental Instructional Designer  book release. As soon as we started reading, we discovered there’s one thing that Cammy Bean has in common with just about every instructional designer out there — including us!

“The eLearning industry is filled with people who fell into their roles quite by accident, myself included.” – Cammy Bean

Like Cammy, most of us grew up dreaming that we would be firefighters, nurses, or maybe even president of the United States. Luckily for us, we found a true passion where we don’t have to risk our lives, limbs, or even the pursuit of happiness to make an impact.

That being said, we started thinking — how did we fall into instructional design?

Beginning today, until next week we want to hear from YOU!

Tell us:

  • What led you to become an Instructional Designer (ID)?
  • Did you start your career as an ID?
  • If you could tell yourself before you began your career what you knew now — what would you say?

Share your answers with us in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

We’ll be sharing our favorite ID stories throughout the week, so be sure to use the hashtag #myIDstory when posting.

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