Sales New Hire

Blended Learning

The Goals

New Hire Sales Program was a comprehensive and integrated learning program designed to provide a consistent, effective, challenging and fun learning experience to increase leasing sales and achieve sales targets. The blended solution included engaging self-study, work providing a private social media aspect to keep learners connected through the individual program work. The solution culminated with a face-to-face learning solution filled with application-based activities and real-world experiences to ensure learners were ready to hit the ground running with confidence.

The Solutions


To maintain learner’s acceleration, we designed this new hire self-study component to prepare learners for the three-day instructor led training (ILT). Learners are guided to navigate their online resources and mobile apps to complete the engaging exercises. Maintaining strict brand adherence, our layout and design helps draw the learner in and keep them on course.

Behind every winning race car driver is his or her crew chief! This new hire manager guide is designed for the learner’s managers to guide their new hires to the finish line. The guide provides an overview of the Leasing New Hire training program and ensures the manager understands what the new hire will be learning at each stop along the way.


Leasing New Hire Overview (Responsive)

This New Hire Training Overview web-based training fires up our learner’s engines and gives them their road map for their path to victory lane. Our custom graphics, professional audio talent and innovative design added that spark to keep learners on course.

Find the Customer WBT (Responsive)

Click the image to view a sample.

Designed to be used in and outside of the learning environment, learners hear from typical customers to understand why they choose to lease vehicles and what keeps them coming back for more