Project Spotlight: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Jessica Howell
Posted: January 26, 2018

The Objective

One of our all-star financial solutions clients came to us needing a PIAT (AKA “putting it all together”) activity that followed an intensive, jam-packed five-week training. Our clients were looking for an activity that would:

  1. Engage the learners using high-energy and interactive activities.
  2. Stimulate fun, lively conversation amongst the learners.
  3. Allow for easy recall of the information learned in the previous four weeks.
  4. Challenge the learners to knock it out of the park by answering 42 questions.

From this need, our MVP instructional designers put their heads together and came up with a creative game plan that manifested in this innovative baseball-themed new hire activity!

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The objective of the game was to bring the learners up to bat, where the pitcher (facilitator) would pitch one of the 42 questions to the player (learner). These questions were served up on fun baseball trading cards. The player was then able to consult with their team to answer the question. Depending on the answer, the umpire (new hire manager) would tell the player if they had a hit or a miss. The scorekeeper would keep track along the way, and the game would end when the umpire or pitcher called time.

Personal and interactive elements were added as teams were able to pick their own names and use props like plastic baseball bats, team banners, popcorn, and bases to really get into the game day spirit!

Curve Balls

In addition to this fun activity, we were also put on deck to make tweaks to the existing four-week training that was already in place. There were 70 hours of content developed for 42 modules. So we broke the design and development up into innings (phases). In the first eight weeks, 22 modules were designed, developed, and implemented.

Then, in approximately six weeks, 20 more modules were designed, developed, and implemented.

With the help of the all-star SMEs and our top players, we reworked content and rebuilt a cohesive, grand slam of a five-week program in just three months — all while training was still in play! How’s that for a curveball? With an aggressive timeline, it was all hands on deck as we were designing, developing, and implementing simultaneously! While that might seem like a nail-biter of a game — thanks to constant communication, positive attitudes, and the team-focused approach, our all-star players knocked this one out of the park!

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Project Quick Hits

  • Project Timeline: 3 months
  • Training Length: 5 weeks
  • Content Developed: 70 hours
  • Modules Created: 42
  • Innovative All-Stars: 18
  • Questions Pitched: 42
  • Games Played by Client: 5

Final Score

Curious on the final score and how our innovative ideas played out? Here’s what our client had to say —

“Even with the extremely tight timeline and large amount of the work (40+ deliverables), this team never missed a beat. Every member of the team demonstrated consistent professionalism and a sense of ownership.”

“This team meets and exceeds my expectations at every level. Even our compliance review team noticed the quality of the work this team put together.” 

“Christy and Amy are especially great to work with. They demonstrated great leadership throughout this effort. They are easy to communicate with, very responsive, and always stay on top of things. I really enjoy working with them.”

“It is with mixed feelings that I have to say goodbye to this talented team. I look forward to having opportunities to work with this team again.”

– VP, Learning Consultant | Top 5 Financial Institution

Since the pilot version of this baseball-themed activity was played, our client has successfully implemented five rounds of training, and we’re hearing that their learners are having an absolute “ball” making it their own — complete with Cracker Jacks and peanuts!

Our All-Star Team

Looking back on this fast-paced project, it couldn’t have been possible without the help of our all-star team of Innovators! We’d like to take a moment to give them a standing ovation for their collective hard work!

Ready to knock it out of the park with your next training? Our team is excited to hop off the bench and help you with an innovative solution like this! Contact us today if your learning organization is ready to play ball!

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