Our Top Session Picks for #ATD2019

Emily Meade
Posted: May 1, 2019

The ATD International Conference & Exposition is upon us once again, and we are so excited to share that a few of our Innovators will be in attendance! Each year, our team looks forward to meeting up with fellow learning and development professionals to discover the newest trends and get a refresher on traditional learning techniques. And how could we forget about the amazing keynote speakers? Last year’s speaker was Barack Obama, and this year we are graced with the one and only Oprah Winfrey!

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Here are just a few exciting ATD sessions our Innovators are most looking forward to!

Cheriann Cain — Account Manager

Many companies today are utilizing an agile methodology for business transformation initiatives, therefore we in the learning space need to adapt to that type of iterative approach to developing training to support those initiatives. Here’s what I’m looking forward to!

  • Coaching SMEs to Facilitate Learning: Techniques to Improve Their Performance
  • Design Thinking: An Approach to Transform Your Organization and Improve Outcomes
  • Intro to LLAMA: Agile Project Management for E-Learning
  • Accelerating the Future Workforce: Rapid Reskilling
  • Effective Microlearning: A Showcase of Examples and 10 Tips for How You Can Do It Too!
  • You’re Gamifying the Wrong Thing!

 Lesley Lang — Account Manager

  • Agile Project Management for eLearning: I’m interested to catch any new tidbits on how others have successfully worked through the challenges of Agile with eLearning.
  • Learning Changes: Trends, Challenges, and Hype: It’s always good to be in the know on the latest innovations and opportunities, as well as what has not worked!

Debbie Wooldridge — Founder & CEO

  • Opening Keynote: Because Oprah Winfrey (obviously!!)
  • Captivate, Engage, and Influence: Storytelling Lessons From The Walking Dead (Jay Bonansinga): I just love the idea and power of using storytelling to motivate learners. And who wouldn’t want a chance to meet the author of The Walking Deadnovels?
  • Caffeinated Training Design: An Engagement-Centered Process (Anne Beninghof): While I’m not familiar with the speaker — the session itself intrigues me because if we can’t engage, we can’t add value to learners.
  • Coaching – From Concept to Culture (Mike Esterday and Bruce Wedderbum from Integrity Solutions): We know that our newest generations, Millennials and Gen Z, value coaching and face-to-face feedback above all other forms of mentoring. The more we learn about how to share these skills and ensure our clients create a culture of coaching, the stronger we will all be!
  • Accelerating the Future Workforce: Rapid Reskilling (Marek Hyla and Grzegorz Plezia from Accenture): I love that we are having these discussions about the reality that our world is changing fast. Technology is constantly evolving, and this directly impacts how we do our work daily. Learning organizations must be ready to adapt quickly to these changes.
  • Innovation Tournaments: How to Lead an Energizing Process to Produce Exceptional Solutions (Jeannie Clinkenbeard): Innovation is more than just a catch phrase for me, so I love the idea of full immersion of company cultures that embrace the idea of innovation. And hello…who doesn’t love a little competition? The idea of staging an innovation tournament is right up my alley!

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Speaking of “meet and greet,” that reminds us of the Mix & Mingle event we hosted last year in downtown San Diego during #ATD2018! We wish we could rewind and relive the night of fun networking with old friends and new faces alike on the gorgeous California rooftop. See a quick flashback here!

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