Meet the Innovator: Ryley Stout

Emily Meade
Posted: September 27, 2019

Ryley Stout is on on our amazing HR team! When she isn’t on the job as our Human Resources Manager, she plays the role of Super Mom to her two young boys. Ryley is also related to our CHRO, Dana Janssen, which largely contributes to why the ttcInnovations feels like family – because in some cases it is! We are so grateful for Ryley’s hard work multi-tasking motherhood and her role with us so well. Without further adieu, meet Ryley!

How long have you been with ttcInnovations?
Just over 2 years.

What is your role?
Human Resources Manager

What is your favorite thing about your role?
Process! I’m a geek for all things lists, organization, efficiency and consistency ha.  I also love sending out the birthday question and getting Innovator’s responses – such a fun to get to know the team!

Where do you enjoy working remotely and why?
I have two toddlers so when I’m craving adult connection my local café is my go-to, otherwise I set up camp from a co-working space.  There’s just something about ‘going’ to work that I appreciate.  And again, I have two toddlers so working from home isn’t an option at this point ha.  They love to help.

Coffee or tea?
I drink coffee most often.  My husband is a barista so I have good coffee always readily available.  But I appreciate a good cup of tea occasionally also.

What does life look like outside of work?
Chasing two little boys!  Judah is almost three, and Aydan just turned one.  We have a lot of fun discovering new cafes and places to eat around Portland where we live.  And also going to the park, or for walks to the coffee shop where my husband works. When I have any baby-free time I’m usually sucked into a TV show with my husband, or reading something (informational, or historical fiction!)  Also a fair amount of travel between our families in Canada and Kansas.

Your 3 favorite desk must-haves.
My ideal desk must-haves (but rarely have them all) are my wireless computer mouse, a window or something bright & pretty to look at, and a fresh smelling candle.

Which core value of ttcInnovations resonates the most with you and why?
Integrity. I love the definition of it in context of the strength of something, like the integrity of a structure – without divide.  I think that without it the rest of what we do (at work, or otherwise) is rather futile. It drives me to be constantly strengthening my structure, and hopefully adding to the structures of those I interact with as well.

What is your professional superpower?
I’m quite detail oriented and enjoy some of what others would consider more tedious tasks. I also am rarely happy with a process and constantly try to think of ways to improve it.

If you could only bring three things with you while stranded on a desert island, what would they be?
Practically, a fire starter because it sometimes keeps me up at a night that I would be hopeless if I ever did get stranded ha (not really… but maybe).  A hammock.  And the book Anne of Green Gables – I could read it a hundred times (I probably have already ha!)

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