Meet Carmela: Innovator on Demand® & Instructional Designer

Emily Meade
Posted: November 14, 2018

We are so excited to introduce you to one of our very own Innovators on Demand™ — meet Carmela! When our new division was in the planning stages, we knew we had to pull in the best of the best to serve our clients, and Carmela does not fall short of the qualifications! Read our fun interview with her to “shake hands” and get to know her beyond her role as on of our Innovators on Demand™.

How long have you been an Innovator?
I started with ttcInnovations in January of 2017, so almost two years.

Where are you from?
I am originally from New York. I moved to Florida with my family in 1989 when I was 10 years old.

I’m most known for…
My handwriting! LOL! When I was younger, my father would review my homework. If it wasn’t written neatly, he would tear it up and have me redo it. At the time, I thought it was awfully cruel; however, when I look back on it now, I am extremely appreciative.

What does your typical morning routine look like?
Each morning, I get up with my husband and see him off to work. Once he leaves the house, I grab a cup of coffee and take part in feeding the spiritual side of my soul. When that is done, I get showered and sign on to my computer to get my work day started.

What is your role as an Innovator on Demand™?
My role at ttcInnovations is an instructional designer.

What do you enjoy about your role?
I enjoy working with our clients and getting to know them. Each time I have worked with a client, I have learned something amazing — whether it be about their industry or just something in general. I love to learn, and these experiences just add to my growth and development.

Each time I have worked with a client, I have learned something amazing — whether it be about their industry or just something in general.

Most days, you can find me doing…
House chores — specifically vacuuming!! LOL! I have two German Shepherd dogs, and they shed! I saw a Pinterest post that calls their hairs “magical fibers.” My house is never at a loss for “magical fibers.”

What three items are always at your desk?
I always have a great pen to write with, a fabulous notepad/notebook to take notes in (I love pens and stationary) and two dogs at my feet. Of course, there are many other things, but those are the main items.

When you aren’t busy working, what do you enjoy doing?
I love to cook! I come from an Italian family who migrated to the United States many years ago. Rather than going to daycare, my parents would bring us to my grandparents’ restaurant and I would watch my grandmother cook all day.  This is truly where I believe my love for cooking comes from. (On a side note, my family was featured in National Geographic for an article they wrote on families who moved to America for a better life.)

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, definitely! I love my coffee with sugar-free hazelnut creamer or pumpkin spice creamer.

Where do you get inspiration that motivates you in your work?
I get my inspiration from the pure fact that what I create and develop is going to help someone learn. There is nothing more rewarding to me than watching someone succeed and prosper. I feel that being an instructional designer allows me to help others learn and grow.

What’s one of your favorite inspirational quotes?

I used to work for an amazing lady! We worked together for 17 years, and she was more of a friend than a boss. I would always be nervous before a big presentation or meetings with high-level executives, and she always used to tell me, “It’s okay to have butterflies in your belly when you’re nervous. That just means you’re growing.”

This saying/quote has stayed with me and, in fact, I now look at these challenges as opportunities for growth and development.

I love serving the world by…
being a learning professional and nurturer by nature.

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