Meet Andrea: Innovator on Demand® & Project Manager

Emily Meade
Posted: February 25, 2019

Today, we would like to introduce you to Andrea! Like Susan, Mary Ellen, and Carmela, she contributes her skills as one of our Innovators on Demand™. These ladies and many of our other Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold™ collectively provide staff augmentation services under the umbrella of our organization. They are the face of ttcInnovations! As a project manager, Andrea not only keeps projects on time and on budget — she also understands the importance of cultivating relationships with business partners to merge the project world with each of our clients’ needs.

How long have you been an Innovator?
I have been an Innovator since 2012.

Where are you from?
I am a born and raised Delawarean. Go Delaware!

I’m most known for…
I have one daughter who is a four-sport athlete and the DIAA 2018 Girls Discus Champion for the state. I’ve never missed an event and, as a result, know kids from all over. I’m also the former Vice President of the Board of Education for one of the finest school districts in Delaware. Because of my daughter and school board role, I would venture to say that I’m most known for the mentorship, encouragement, and coaching (Track and Field) I give to our youth. I LOVE the kiddos. I’m also known for my hospitality. We always find reasons to bring family and friends together for great food, fun, and games!

What does your typical morning routine look like?
I start my day with 15-30 minutes of meditation and prayer. Next up is a freshly brewed cup of joe and a smooch or two from my dog Twinkie. He’s usually in my office with me because he rarely leaves my side.

What is your current role?
I am a project manager.

What roles can you fill as an Innovator on Demand™?
Project management and learning consulting.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
I love establishing and building relationships. I thoroughly enjoy being able to see a project through to successful completion and how the solution benefits the targeted audience and our business partners.

Most days you can find me…
touching up or restoring a furniture piece and decorating after our home renovation. I’m a DIYer who always has a home project in the works.

What 3 items are always at your desk?
Laptop (of course), coffee mug, and a family pic!

When you aren’t busy working, what do you enjoy doing?
Going out on a shopping adventure (usually antique, boutique, or thrifting) with my mom. We may not always find our perfect piece, but we always end our day with dinner and have great mommy/daughter time together. I am also a true-blue Dallas Cowboys fan. Never miss a game!

Coffee or tea?
Coffee, java, cup o’ joe. I love everything about coffee!

Where do you find inspiration to motivate you in your work?
I’m a big inspirational message/quote person, but overall being given the opportunity to work, contribute to something helpful, and learn from others is my every day motivation.

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