Innovators on Demand® Celebrates One Year!

Jessica Howell
Posted: October 15, 2019

On this day last year, we launched Innovators on Demand®, a new way to empower and augment learning teams with just-in-time training experts. Our ready-to-innovate L&D professionals are the perfect complement to our signature custom learning solutions. They’re also an ideal standalone talent solution for rapid development with Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold®.

We believe wholeheartedly and take pride in our clients’ trust in that —

Our team is an extension of yours.

In celebration of 12 months connecting our clients with innovative thought-partners who offer fresh perspectives and quality-assured deliverables, we’re rounding up 12 reasons to toast our Innovators on Demand®!

  1. With nearly two decades of experience resourcing expert training professionals for our custom learning solutions, the transition into the world of on-demand training talent was natural and one we were happy to dive into by request from our incredible clients.
  2. We have, hands-down (pun intended), the most forward-thinking training experts behind our Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold®. Meet a handful of our responsive and integrity-driven Innovators!Learn more fun facts about our team here!
  3. Collaborating with our friends and long-time learning partners at Bank of America is always a pleasure! This case study demonstrates how our Innovators on Demand® collaborated to conquer compliance training.
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  4. Speaking of partners in innovation — we are honored to have contracted over two dozen staff augmentation roles with several Fortune 500 companies this year alone!
  5. It’s safe to say we’re not the only ones who appreciate our incredible team!
  6. While we’re at it, let’s count ‘em — 1-2-3-4-5 Reasons to Use Innovators on Demand®, including overcoming internal capacity issues, implementing a creative workaround during hiring freezes, adding resources with specialized skills to fill your professional roster, and more!
  7. We are continuously deepening our talent pool with highly experienced learning professionals by using our three-phase vetting approach to ensure our Innovators are qualified and ready to integrate seamlessly into your team!
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  8. Speaking of evaluating — did you know that the average time to acquire talent, from job posting to the screening process, is nine days? (SHRM, 2017) In our humble opinion (and maybe yours too), that’s seven days too long! What is unique about our Innovators on Demand® service is that in just two business days*, you will receive qualified candidates who meet and exceed your temporary talent needs. Our team is truly innovation ready, and we believe that’s the way staff augmentation should be! *upon completion of MSA and approved funding
  9. We’re proud to be a WBENC-certified women-owned business! October is more than just tricks and treats, it’s also National Women’s Small Business Month! Fun fact: When you engage with minority and women-owned organizations as suppliers, your company is eligible for certain tax breaks and incentives. Now that’s a spooky smart way to spend your surplus while supporting women’s empowerment, gender equality in business, and sustainable economic growth!
  10. Another unique quality to our on-demand training talent that our clients and contractors adore is our focus on continuous support. We take on the responsibility of integrating your selected resources through a combination of our signature onboarding strategies and continued mentorship throughout the engagement of your Innovators on Demand®. This dedication allows you to be more hands off and increases the speed to onboard — we’ll count this one as a win-win-win for all!
  11. With this winning spirit, we’re honored to be nominated by our team and awarded as one of the Best Places to Work in 2019 (two years in a row!) and a Great Place to Work! We believe both awards are a clear reflection of our goal to ensure our team feels supported and recognized. Their dedication to furthering our mission and exemplifying our values is what makes ttcInnovations the place to work!
  12. By now, you might be interested in joining the celebrations by tapping into our talent on us! Contact us today to get started with one free week of Innovators on Demand®.

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