How to Use Twitter to Network with Professionals

Posted: July 16, 2014

To be honest, there are some days when our most exciting interactions happen between us and our four-legged co-workers. As a company who works remotely we understand how isolating working from home can be — not to mention boring! To fight the monotony and prevent total loss of all social cues we’ve found the perfect solution and guess what? It’s virtual!

As mentioned in past posts, we here at ttcInnovations are big advocates for networking. We love it so much we’ve compiled a list of our top three virtual water coolers. Today though, we want to focus on our all-time favorite — Twitter and how you can use it to network with other professionals.

Here are our top tips for networking on Twitter…

Follow and Interact

Twitter is a great way to stay current on industry happenings but the only way to do so is to follow others. We’re not talking about following every random John Doe out there; we’re talking about industry leaders. Do a little research, search industry keywords and find other like-minded professionals you want to connect. Once you’ve established a connection, don’t get lazy!

Remember: Virtual networking is a conversation, not a dialogue. Don’t just talk about yourself.

Just like you would in real-life, interact with your followers by asking questions, offering your (professional) opinion, providing helpful insights, and most importantly, listening.

For example, we asked one of our favorite Twitter friends, Jackie if she had any thoughts or tips for Twitter networkers. Here’s what she had to say…


Be Professional to Attract Professionals

On that same note, it can be easy to cross the fine line between being funny and being unprofessional. We’ll admit we enjoy sarcasm and a touch of snarky humor just as much as the next person but in the words of Ashleybe professional!

Here are a few good rules of thumb to keep it classy:

  • Do not use profanity
  • Give credit where credit is due (use mentions to source the content)
  • Avoid Twitter fights by respecting others’ opinions
  • Digital communications can often be misunderstood; be as clear and concise as possible (within a 140 character limit of course!)

Tweet in Real-time

Recently, our President and CEO Debbie Wooldridge had the pleasure of attending mLearnCon. Not only was she able to pick up a great amount of knowledge from the conference, but she was also able to connect with several other mLearning advocates. After meeting attendees in person, Debbie mentioned her personal Twitter account and our company account. From then we were able to connect with conference attendees, share each other’s content, and continue to grow our virtual network. Score!

If you’re planning on attending a professional conference in the near future make sure you search the conference’s hashtag(s), connect with other attendees, and share tid bits of the valuable information you learn.

Find Work

Now that you know a little more about how to network on Twitter it’s time to highlight one of the most important reasons for doing so. As our company continues to grow, we’re constantly looking for talented innovators to join our team. Twitter has been a great way for us to network and connect with potential contractors.

If you’re looking to fill a position, try tweeting several times a week. As Jackie said, don’t be afraid to ask other people to spread the word. If you’re on the opposite side of the spectrum and looking for work, we recommend searching industry-related hashtags such as:

  • #idjobs
  • #pmjobs
  • #elearningjobs

Do you have any tips for other users getting started with Twitter networking? Tweet us your thoughts.

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