How To Twist Up the Traditional Teach Back Method

Kesha Dougan
Posted: April 3, 2018

It’s Tiny Topic time!!! In case you missed last week’s introduction to our ttcInnovations Tiny Topics, I recommend catching up on the “four-1-1” (it’ll make sense after you read it) here! Today, we’re chatting about the good ol’ teach-back method. There are some great benefits to be had from ingesting knowledge well enough to teach it to others.

Let’s give the traditional teach back a little twist with a jigsaw!

In this learning strategy, learners work in groups (remember: four is the magic number when it comes to teams!) and complete these three pieces of the jigsaw puzzle:

  1. Lesson Planning: Each team of four becomes the expert on an assigned topic.
  2. Team Shuffle: After a period of time, the class rearranges, forming new groups of four with one member from each expert team.
  3. Info Sharing: The members of the new teams take turns teaching each other the material they learned in their expert groups.

See how the jigsaw puzzle pieces really fit together? How beautiful is that??

Try it today in your training technique to #UnlockInnovation!

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