How to “Make It Work” with Staff Augmentation

Jessica Howell
Posted: June 25, 2018

Staff augmentation — often shortened to “staff aug” or referred to as contingent workers, temporary talent, out-tasking, or as we like to call it — Innovators on Demand™ — is an outsourcing strategy utilized by learning organizations to quickly scale their internal project team to meet a certain business objective. Or, as we like to say… staff aug provides you, as a learning manager, with the extra hands you need to get the job done!

That’s right, Tim. When you need to make it work, we jump in as your fairy HR godmother to quickly vet & handpick the perfect candidates for your review within two business days! Fabulous!

Staff augmentation gives you the ability to, well, augment (or add to) your existing workforce — hence the name! It’s a great alternative or complement to full-blown outsourcing, allowing you to bring on a qualified resource to work seamlessly with your team. This helpful blog post breaks down the pros, cons, and why you might love staff augmentation versus project outsourcing.

Why Staff Aug?

Staff augmentation provides temporary talent or ongoing support to projects and/or teams that are managed internally by your department. This gives you the flexibility to scale your workforce depending on your ever-evolving needs while still managing budgets responsibly.

Still confused? Think of it this way: A niche staffing company that specializes in financial learning environments will outfit your team with the resources you need to size up or down. This specialized support will help you manage tight deadlines and ensure your culture is worn authentically throughout deliverable creation, allowing you and your team to be runway ready on an as-needed basis.

Our clients love this easy-to-work-with style of outsourcing that allows you to decide who is “in or out” based on:

  • Immediate availability
  • Preferred experience
  • Desired job function
  • Required skills
  • Coffee preference (only kidding…slightly…)

The result is a tailored lineup of candidates who are ready to strut their stuff and rock the runway for you!

What Are the Benefits of Staff Aug?

Staff aug is the perfect controlled outsourcing solution if you need:

Designer Quality on a Budget

Paying full-time wages, including benefits, bonuses, and everything in between (not to mention what it could cost you to get a candidate up to speed and then find out that they aren’t the perfect match for your environment), can certainly add up. Save big on hidden designer costs that come along with full-time employees by hiring a qualified staff aug candidate who can produce the same quality at a fraction of the cost commitment over time.

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Agile Accessories for Any Season

If we’ve learned anything from our 17 years as an outsourced learning provider, it’s that L&D teams need agile accessories to add to their team! We understand that the ability to adapt to ever-evolving environments is a must! Engaging in staff aug allows you to instantly add diversity and a specialized skill set to your team. Whether you need short or long-term placements, we’ll work with you to customize the perfect accessory to match the season your business is in.

Reduced Risk of Wardrobe Malfunctions

Our signature three-phase vetting process ensures that we introduce you to the most qualified candidates who fit your business and team dynamic based on the exact skills you need. This process greatly reduces the risk for possible wardrobe malfunctions like delayed onboarding, poor quality in deliverables, lack of specialized skill set, or bad hires.

We realize staff aug is not one-size-fits-all. If, for any reason, your selected candidate doesn’t measure up, we’re happy to offer a replacement. Our goal is to ensure that you fall head over heels (pun intended) for your staff aug candidate.

Why Choose Us?

When you work with us for your staff augmentation needs, you can expect to receive an extra set of skilled hands that you don’t have to hold throughout the lifespan of their contract.

We take the time to ensure that our Innovators are onboard ready by educating them upfront on your internal processes, tools, company culture, and business goals before they begin working with you. We apply the same level of care and attention that our custom training clients receive during our signature onboarding process by providing a comprehensive document that serves as your candidate’s go-to pattern. This outline brings them up to speed while reducing the time to onboard and ensuring that your style is modeled authentically throughout all deliverables.

In addition, we take this onboarding assistance to the next level by having someone from our team serve as the candidate’s dedicated mentor throughout the lifespan of their contract. This additional step is unparalleled in our industry and one we are proud to offer for every staff aug contract so that your team can truly be hands-off while maintaining the in-house level of quality and control you expect.

If you’re ready to “make it work” with staff augmentation for your learning organization, we’re letting you try out our Innovators on Demand™ on us! New clients can get 20 hours free toward staffing needs. Contact Debbie today for your extra set of hands that you don’t have to hold!

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