How to Maintain Momentum this Summer

Kesha Dougan
Posted: June 19, 2018

Whether you’re a parent working from home or you have a spouse/partner with shifting summer schedules, warmer weather could mean additional distractions to your everyday workflow, and we all know uninterrupted time is when we perform our best work. That’s why we wanted to share a helpful resource to help you maintain momentum during your office hours this summer. 

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Download our

What comes to mind when you hear “signs of summer”? At first, you might think of flips flops, sunny days, or backyard BBQs — but think again! We mean literal signs to put up outside your office or workspace door to guard your productivity and help you #UnlockInnovation. We decided to make FREE printables that you can download to maintain momentum this summer, starting today!

Here are a few tips when using these signs of summer:

  1. Set the tone for the rest of the season on day one by introducing these fun door signs to family members or roommates.
  2. Work together to avoid interruptions by leaving a list of chores or to do’s to keep kiddos busy, providing resources for common questions or needs, and sharing what time you expect to finish your work.
  3. Remove the signs from your door when they aren’t truly needed so others know that seeing them up means business!
  4. Laminate the sign with the clock on it so you can use a dry erase marker for end times that differ from day to day.

Share a picture with us on Instagram of your sign in use and tell us how it has helped you #UnlockInnovation!



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