How to Create Focus With Infographics

Kesha Dougan
Posted: April 24, 2018

Creating a visual effect to direct learners’ focus can be a wonderful and easy trick to add dimension — even in a PPT (Powerpoint) presentation or an ILT (instructor-led training). Present the graphic…then shift the focus to one part of the graphic — here’s how:

Step 1: Select and Place

Create or find a beautiful, full-color graphic (like this one that our talented graphic designer, Cortney, created for us), then place it in the PPT.

Step 2: Duplicate and Desaturate

Make a duplicate of the same graphic, then desaturate it to grayscale. In PPT, there are a few ways you can quickly do this:

How to Copy an Image in Powerpoint:

There are two ways to do so…

  • Right-click method: Simply hover over the image you want to copy, right-click, and copy/paste.
  • CTRL/drag method: Simply hold down the “option” key, click the image you want to duplicate, then drag the copy wherever you like.

Expert Tip: If you need the image to remain in place across multiple slides, try simply duplicating the PPT slide. That way, all your elements will remain consistent across your presentation.

Once the graphic is duplicated, it’s time to desaturate!

How to Desaturate an Image in Powerpoint:

Click on the image you want to desaturate.

  1. Select the “Picture Format” tab.
  2. Select the “Color” drop-down.
  3. Under “Color Saturation,” select “Saturation: 0%.”

Step 3: Crop and Focus

Crop the grayscale image to the area you desire. Then drag it and place the grayscale version on top of the full-color graphic. From there, crop out the item you want to focus on the full-color image. Your graphic will now direct focus to the part you wish to highlight. Like this…

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