How to Be Bold with Your Powerpoint Slides

Kesha Dougan
Posted: July 10, 2018

There are many components that go into a PowerPoint presentation. The information you’d like to relay, brand standards, design elements, the list goes on! In one of our recent webinars, How to Design PowerPoint Slides Like a PRO, I teamed up with our Freelance Graphic Designer, Cortney, to focus in on the design aspect of your PowerPoints.

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We discovered how to work with restricting color palettes, utilize graphic design techniques, the do’s and don’ts for incorporating stock images and graphics into training, and tips for getting client approval. Overall, Cortney had incredible pointers on all of these topics, but a simple piece of advice she shared was, “Give yourself permission to BE BOLD!” When designing, remember that less is more.

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Check out the difference in these two slides:

The one on the right scaled up some of the key elements to be BOLD, and draw your attention to all the right places. The design still…

  • Includes all pertinent information
  • Communicates the message (boldly!)
  • Consists of eye-catching elements
  • Remains easy-to-read for viewers

For all the details on this slide – and lots of other examples – catch the FREE REPLAY!

And if you want to take your PowerPoint skills a step further, tune in to our upcoming webinar on “How to Bring Your PowerPoint Training to Life With Better Animations & Transitions.” Register below and get ready to “get moving”!

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