How to Avoid Project Complications and Keep Things Simple

Kesha Dougan
Posted: August 28, 2018

I was recently chatting with one of our instructional designers, John, who kindly pointed out, “I think we are trying to complicate a one car parade!” Later in the conversation, he mentioned that the quote he had recited to us was something his high school football coach used to shout to the team, and it has stuck with him all these years. Isn’t it funny how the words of our parents or mentors from adolescence come back to us years later? What an impression! Needless to say, this is my new favorite quote.

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Today’s Tiny Topic revolves around that quote — “Let’s not complicate a ONE car parade.” John was trying to tell us that we needed to pause, take a breath, and take a few steps back to look at the big picture. We needed to keep things simple by taking care of one task at a time.

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I think we often overcomplicate things by sticking to our grand brainstorm ideas or trying to bring a large vision to life with a looming deadline. Here’s a great question to ask to avoid project complications and keep things simple:

What can we pare down or eliminate or organize in an easier, more logical way?

You may be thinking, “Kesha, my parade has about 50 moving cars! Help!” And I know what that’s like; it IS a little more complicated. But with some focus, planning, and delegating, it can become as orderly and fun as a fantastic parade.

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