How to Attract Top Millennial Talent to Your Organization [+ free e-book!]

Jessica Howell
Posted: December 16, 2016

There’s a new generation coming in and driving tomorrow’s workforce. Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past five years, you’ve heard the “M” word by now. Generation Y—a group more popularly known as Millennials—is beginning to take over the workplace as more and more Baby Boomers begin to retire.

At this point, if businesses aren’t focused on Millennials, they’re at a competitive disadvantage because this generation brings a new level of talent and skill sets previously not seen in the workplace. Millennials have an affinity for technology and tend to be uncomfortable with company bureaucracy. They value open communication and want to move up the corporate ladder quickly, while having a flexible approach to work and maintaining an emphasis on work-life balance.

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This is a critical point for many employers, because it’s up to them to attract and retain this new generation of employees. But you don’t want just any Millennial employees—you want top Millennial talent. These are the movers and shakers who will bring new life to your business and help your organization grow for generations to come. So how do you go about finding these top candidates? Here are a few tips for attracting and maintaining the cream of the crop:

Create a culture that speaks to them.

Culture is a buzzword these days, but for good reason. Millennials aren’t looking to go just where the money is, but where they can enjoy going into work every day. This doesn’t mean throwing work out the window and turning the office into a disco. It simply means fostering a fun, safe space where employees can enjoy themselves while they work. This will look different for organizations everywhere, but find what works for you and then promote your culture as the first and foremost important part of your organization. Not quite sure what that means? Download our e-book, Using Social Media to Attract + Engage Millennial Talent.

Let them work remotely.

It’s an old-school thought that employees need to be watched every second of the workday to be successful. Millennials value freedom and flexibility, so keeping them chained to a desk for 40 rigidly set hours a week is a deterrent for most of them. If the talent is good, there’s no need to keep them under your thumb. Trust that these employees will provide their best work at whatever location works best for them.

Get tech-savvy.

Times are a-changin’ and so is technology. Most Millennials aren’t familiar with old-school systems and prefer newer cloud-based technology, such as Google Drive and Apple programs. While it might be a little hard in the beginning for established employees to adjust, in the long run it will benefit your organization to upgrade your technology and keep up with the trends.

Make benefits Millennial-friendly.

Millennials look at the big picture when it comes to selecting future employment. Training and development, flexible working hours, and exciting perks are far more attractive to a Millennial employee than the dollar amount on a paycheck. Get creative with your benefits—offer on-site health care, have healthy lunches catered or offer student loan debt relief. These things will make your organization much more attractive to top talent and will help you score the best of the best.

Give work a purpose.

No one likes busy-work, especially Millennials. For this generation, work is all about having a clear purpose for themselves, the company and the world. Millennials are far more likely to decline projects that contradict their values. You don’t have to provide work that is changing the world, but provide work that is transparent and values the talents and skills of your Millennial employees.

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Attracting and retaining this generation of workers is a delicate matter. Millennials, unlike Baby Boomers before them, aren’t as loyal to an employer if their situation frustrates them. But this group of young(er) employees is going to change the face of the workforce, so if you want your business to survive the changing tides, it’s time to figure out how to get them on board. If your head is spinning around what this means for your business, dive into The Millennial Project, your must-have resource for the Millennial generation.

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