Four Great Places to Work outside the House

Posted: January 15, 2015

Don’t get us wrong — we love working from home. The flexible hours, the sweatpants casual work attire, and the freedom of decorating your own space just the way you like it are huge perks of being a virtual worker. But there are times when a home office just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes we need a change of scenery, or simply a few friendly faces to keep us company. Here are a some fun alternatives to the domestic desk.

Co-Working Space

For a hip, contemporary change of pace, check out a few co-working spaces in your area. With a monthly membership, you can share a space with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. This is a great option for those outgoing people who might want to bounce ideas off of peers or just chat about their weekend plans. While the social aspect is certainly appealing, the major benefit of co-working spaces is the boost in productivity. A new, professional environment can do wonders for inspiration!


Now before you get images of becoming yet another playwright who sits at Starbucks with your laptop for hours, hear us out. A coffeehouse can be a charming substitute for working at home. The wi-fi access, funky furniture, and alluring scent of coffee make for a perfect atmosphere to get the job done. Although the coffee shops with heavy traffic may not be ideal, there are plenty of low-key and tranquil cafes where you can settle in and put a dent in that to-do list. Did we mention the endless supply of freshly brewed coffee?


The obvious benefit of working in a library is the peace and quiet, but don’t forget there’s also a huge reference section at your disposal! There is a plethora of helpful guides on training, graphic design, and instructional programs to put your mind at ease. Find a comfy seat and get caught up on your inbox or tackle that big project you’ve been stumped on. You may have to pay a small fee for internet access, but the library is otherwise free and accessible to all. Frequented by students and avid readers, you’ll be surrounded by people who know the value of hard work (and a silent workspace).

Outside the House

Trying working outside the house…literally! If weather permits, and you have a cozy chair on the patio, try working on a porch or balcony! This option is ideal for those who live in more temperate climates (we’re looking at you Californians and Floridians). Just an hour or two in the fresh air can help you reset and look at problems from a different angle. This way, you retain the privacy of your own home, but with the added benefits of good ol’ sunshine and Mother Nature.

What are some of your favorite places to work away from home?

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