Find Your MVLP — Most Valuable Learning Professional [Quiz]

Jessica Howell
Posted: August 16, 2017

If you read Teresa’s blog post last week, you’ll know exactly why we love recommending the staff aug resourcing model for some of our clients. If you missed it, be sure to get caught up before taking this quiz!

The benefits of engaging in our staff augmentation services (AKA, Innovators on Demand™) are many but what our clients love most (beyond the flexibility to gain the most qualified resources quickly while saving costs — who doesn’t love that?!) is our devotion to finding that just right culture fit for their unique environment and situation. We believe that our job is not simply to fill gaps but rather to find the perfect match, your MVLP — most valuable learning professional to step up to the plate (at a moment’s need) and help your team hit a home run success!

Learning Professional Personality Quiz

How do we find our top players? We ask the hard-hitting questions first! Whether you’re looking to add to your team today, interested in exploring your options or are simply curious about gaining insight into your learning environment, take our helpful quiz to uncover your MVLP!

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