Did You See These Posts to Help You March Into Innovation?

Jessica Howell
Posted: March 30, 2018

Refill your coffee, cozy up, and let’s take a look back on the luckiest month of the year with these helpful posts that you might have missed. This month, there was a common theme of being proactive and taking micro steps to help you March into Innovation! Let’s review what we shared here on the ttcInnovations blog and give you a sneak peek ICYMI (in case you missed it)…

  1. Are you hoping to attend the biggest learning conference of the year but aren’t quite sure how to convince your boss that #atd2018 (ATD International Conference and Expo) is the place to be? Check out these four steps to help you make the big ask with confidence! (And by the way, if you’ve already read this one, we just updated it with two extra tips thanks to one of our Innovators.) Give it a read and let us know if we’ll see you there!
  2. Anyone else work from home? All too often, I tend to treat my desk like a storage ground for any knick-knack, random papers, electronics, etc. You name it, it’s probably hidden in a pile somewhere on my overflowing workspace. I say it’s time for a little spring cleaning! Roll up your sleeves and get down & dirty with these 7 tips for spring cleaning your office workspace! Who’s with me? Packrats unite!
  3. Earlier this year, one of our Innovators rolled out “Tiny Topics,” which are microlearning lessons delivered in a weekly email to our team. Meant to be easily consumed in less than one minute a day, these bite-sized learning lessons have been a quick hit with our Innovators, so we thought — why not share them with the world? In this first edition, Kesha explains why the best learning activities are made for four. This Tiny Topic includes the key roles and responsibilities of team building, plus a handy cheat sheet full of helpful prompts that you can use for your next group learning activity!

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