Here at ttcInnovations we understand the importance and value of a vibrant culture in the workplace.

Thrive + Grow

It’s more than just a workplace. Here at ttcInnovations we combine our love of creative solutions, endless cups of coffee and individual value to create a culture where every individual team member can thrive and grow on a personal and professional level.

As one of the newest ttcInnovators, I am excited to know I have joined such an amazing team. The first program I experienced, The Millennial Project, is a perfect example of the type of forward-thinking programs this team of innovators can create. I am excited to be part of this innovative team and I look forward to many years with my new family!

- Susan Brooks – Instructional Technology Designer

When I develop curricula for ttcInnovations, I take great pride in my work. Every word or action put to paper reflects me, my skillset and meeting the needs of the client. Because this is recognized and appreciated by ttcInnovations, it fuels my desire to be even better.

- Tim Elliott – Instructional Designer

Since the first day I started contracting for ttcInnovations I have been surrounded by extremely educated and supportive individuals. I have never worked with a company whose team members are this excited and willing to truly work collaboratively. So much can happen when a group of people, from all over the country, with the same desire to work hard and be creative come together as a team.

- Samantha Dunham – Project Assistant

As a long-time ttcInnovations teammate, I’ve seen this company bend and flex with the changes in our world – explosive technology changes, shifts in workplace culture, trends based on a changing economy. We are nimble, current, flexible and modern … staying ahead of the curve.

- Vickie McCann – Senior Instructional Designer II

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