Creative Presentation Ideas

Tyler Small
Posted: June 17, 2014

Do you ever wish your training came out with all the sleek, hip, and glory of a Lexus commercial? Well, there’s a way to do it! Here’s a few creative presentation ideas that will help you build a narrated visual presentation that sparkles.

A creative presentation sparkles when it has narration, graphics, on-screen words and music. Training can have as much rich, emotion-driving fidelity as a quality television commercial or a movie.

Typically, a script is written in an word document; then a deck of slides is constructed and loaded to an e-learning (or video editing) tool, where it is animated and polished off.

Writing the Script

The most important aspect of your script writing is imagining what it will sound like when read aloud. Only a few select words will be seen in gigantic letters for emphasis. Since an NVP (narrated visual presentation) is like a speech, it’s good to use a little more repetition than you would in documents that are only meant to be read.

Building the Storyboard in a PowerPoint Deck

Don’t click that bullet point button! Instead, use so many graphics you’ll think your stock photo shopping cart is going to tip over. For best results, use mostly colorful, full-screen graphics of confident and happy people. Diagrams are also a great option; SmartArt (found under the Insert menu) has many fast diagram templates.

Of course, it looks silly when photos don’t fit intimately with the content, so take the time to thoughtfully select the right pictures to match the essence of each idea. To come up with relevant photos, ask:

  • What do I think of when I read these words?
  • What image would drive this concept into the mind of the learner most effectively?

Don’t use more than around 20 words with a single visual. An NVP that sparkles moves fast because people get bored easily. If it isn’t moving constantly, we rapidly lose interest.

Polishing Off the Video

Once you have all components in a storyboard, drop it into e-learning or video editing software (Storyline™, Captivate™, Lectora™, Camtasia™, Premier™, After Effects™, iMovie™).

Most high quality audiovisual entertainment doesn’t actually stop on a motionless scene. Even documentaries keep things interesting when showing a document by highlighting on-screen, circling a phrase, or zooming in on a particular phrase. Above all, keep it moving!

Odds and Ends

Since you’re given more creative license for NPVs, you can leave out otherwise mandatory requirements, such as formal, standardized headers. These will clutter up your masterpiece. Use your creative license.

Before you run out to pitch your first dazzling NVP to the client, you should know that these fancy NVPs typically take three times as much development time as a regular PowerPoint presentation. You’ll also need four to five times as many stock photos, music (roughly $100 per song on sites like FreePlayMusic) and a professional narrator.

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