The Newest Blended Learning Trends

Today, organizations globally are using a variety of techniques and tools in their blended learning strategies to help develop talent and improve performance. But what does blended learning look like in 2016? Show Your Work In this age of transparency brought about by social media and always-on devices, the theme of showing your work is... View Article

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Adobe Stock Pros and Cons

A picture speaks a thousand words, and these days it seems as though the average attention span is dropping lower and lower. As humans on the go, we consume quick bits of information on the fly, meaning a pageful of text can easily be ignored. Due to this transition, there is an increasing need for... View Article

Tools Trending in 2016: Whiteboard Animation

What It Is You’ve probably seen whiteboard animation. It’s a video of a narrated drawing on a whiteboard to illustrate a message. The content appears to be drawn — most often by a hand rising from the bottom of the screen — by the narrator as he or she tells the story. While its content... View Article

4 Productivity Apps No Entrepreneur Can Live Without: Part 1

If there’s one thing we all wish for, it’s more time. With the holiday season ramping up and filling our calendars with holiday cheer, settling back in to the work grind can get a little more difficult. [Tweet “Never fear- there’s an app for that! 4 productivity apps no entrepreneur can live without.”] Evernote Evernote... View Article

Using Anti-Stock Photos for Content Creation

A couple of weeks ago, we were scrolling through our Twitter feed and stumbled across this tweet… Things I’m loving right now: Anti-Stock Photo Sites — Ashley Bennett (@aabennet) October 9, 2013 Hmm…anti-stock, what’s that? Our interests were piqued — time to do some investigation! We continued on to Ashley’s post and discovered what... View Article

Creative Presentation Ideas

Do you ever wish your training came out with all the sleek, hip, and glory of a Lexus commercial? Well, there’s a way to do it! Here’s a few creative presentation ideas that will help you build a narrated visual presentation that sparkles. A creative presentation sparkles when it has narration, graphics, on-screen words and... View Article

Trends Changing the Face of Corporate Training

As I prepared to facilitate my very first training session, I stood nervously at the counter at Kinko’s waiting for the associate to print my carefully crafted overhead transparencies. It took me a week to create the transparencies; I really wanted them to have a huge visual impact! Once the printing was done, I carefully... View Article