How to Develop a Mentor Program for Millennial Employees

By now you may have heard many different things about Millennial employees and how they engage within the workplace. But no matter their preferences or expectations for their career, there is still a staggering 70% of Millennial employees who don’t feel that they have progressed as far in their career as they would like.  ... View Article

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Using Responsive eLearning to Engage Millennials

Imagine that you are in charge of learning for your organization and the head of the department that you support has come back from a trip and tells you that she just read an article on the plane about Responsive eLearning.  She wants you to look into it because it sounds very interesting. You assure... View Article

The Do’s + Don’ts of Training Millennials

  Millennials, also known as Gen Y, were born between 1980 and 2000 and now make up a majority of the workforce at 53.3 million, or one in three American workers. This generation grew up in a digital age with constant access to information, a great level of comfort using new technologies and mediums, and... View Article

8 Do’s + 3 Don’ts of Virtual-Led Presentations for New Generations

It’s time to admit it, times are a’changin. We have a whole new technology and a new user group to deal with now. How in the world are we going to make training interesting enough for them to actually learn the “stuff” we want them to remember? (I feel so far behind the eight-ball lately.)... View Article

Millennials and Storytelling: 5 Reasons Why it Works for This Generation

Everyone likes a good story, but not everyone finds a particular so-called “good story” all that great. How do you write a Millennial-friendly story? One that this generation (so often referred to as the “Me Me Me Generation”) can find engaging? First, let’s redefine that cliché. I, for one, like to think of them as... View Article

3 Must-Listen Podcasts for Instructional Designers + Learning Professionals

June 21, 2018 Update: See more updated recommendations for podcasts geared toward instructional designers and learning professionals here. >>> 7 Learning Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now As a learning professional, your typical workday may be jam-packed with getting the kids off to school, fighting the traffic on your morning commute, and juggling back-to-back... View Article

Millennials vs. Baby Boomers – The Key Differences in How They Learn + How to Engage Them Both

As humans, we often gravitate towards those that are like us. We are creatures of habit and drawn to that which we know. To that end, many relationships, both personal and professional, are formed on the basis of shared interest. Sometimes those interests are obvious, sometimes not. But what about the relationships not formed on... View Article

3 Ways to Engage Millennial Learners + Train on Their Level

Millennial learners are those young professionals born in the years from the early 1980s through the early 2000s. The Millennials were raised in an era of instant access and gratification. They often communicate through multi-media, text and instant messaging and are said to have a relatively short attention span. When designing training for Millennials, it’s... View Article

How Mislabeling Your Employees Can Be Unhealthy for Your Organization

Companies should encourage employees to resist the urge to label others, not only in their age, race, and gender, but also in their personality traits or capabilities.  Employees, multi-faceted human beings, are often defined as having a single characteristic. We fail to see that a fellow employee can be both witty AND focused or serious... View Article