Webinar Recap: Staff Aug for First Timers

A few weeks ago, we scheduled a webinar — “Staff Aug for First Timers” — to help learning organizations that had never used staff augmentation as part of their strategy. We were going to answer any and all questions about engaging and utilizing staff aug resources (AKA, Innovators on Demand™) — on a live platform.... View Article

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3 Ways Staff Aug Can Save You Time and Money

In my last blog, I talked about three different scenarios you could find yourself in and how staff aug might be the right solution. I’ve already dispelled some myths about staff augmentation resourcing, but I wanted to take it one step further by sharing some real-life staff aug success stories. Related: The Surprising Truth & 3... View Article

The Surprising Truth & 3 Myths Busted About Staff Aug

Have you ever encountered one of the following situations?  Betsy, one of your instructional designers, has been put on bed rest a month earlier than expected to go on maternity leave, which means she will be on leave for 90 days. John, a learning project manager, gets a promotion to a new position in October... View Article

Find Your MVLP — Most Valuable Learning Professional [Quiz]

If you read Teresa’s blog post last week, you’ll know exactly why we love recommending the staff aug resourcing model for some of our clients. If you missed it, be sure to get caught up before taking this quiz! The benefits of engaging in our staff augmentation services (AKA, Innovators on Demand™) are many but what our... View Article

Staff Aug, Outsourcing, and Choosing the Best Fit for YOUR Needs

If you don’t have a well-loved and trusted training supplier that you work with today, I know it can be scary to hand over your precious learning and development project to outsourcing strangers. But don’t worry, I have some great questions you can start contemplating before you engage with a new supplier!  Training Development Resource... View Article

4 Ways a Learning Consultant Will Benefit Your Business in The New Year

To meet business goals in the new year, many businesses are looking for opportunities to improve their employees’ performance. One way to ensure that training aligns to organizational goals is to conduct a training needs assessment that identifies the knowledge, skills and abilities required to achieve optimal levels of performance. This assessment uncovers the gaps between actual and... View Article