Case Study: Triumph with a Tight Turnaround

Emily Meade
Posted: September 23, 2019

It isn’t every day you’re asked to deliver an eLearning solution in just two weeks (let alone in three languages!). When one of our long-time clients called on us to revamp their project at lightning speed, our team got to work! We quickly assessed our client’s needs and put together a game plan. Download our free case study to get all the details, find out which Innovators worked on the project, and see the results we achieved in the end.

Partners in Innovation

This client, one of the world’s largest online retailers, takes the safety of its customers and couriers who come into contact with potential hazardous materials very seriously! When it came to the selling of pesticides, they knew all vendors needed the right information to ensure all Environmental Protection Agent (EPA) regulations were met to help ensure safe transportation and receipt of the products.

Opportunities We Overcame Together

Client Needs and Requests

When a specific product is promised but not delivered, that puts everyone in a bind. This was the scenario facing out client when they quickly had to figure out how to correct an eLearning piece that didn’t meet their needs. They had initially engaged another training vendor to build the training solution but soon found that the solution built by this vendor had errors in navigation and audio alignment. After repeated attempts to resolve the issues, the client realized the vendor wasn’t going to be able to fit them. This is where our story begins — ttcInnovations to the rescue!

After a quick phone call explaining the challenges we uncovered that the 30-minutes eLearning module contained a series of animated videos and audio tracks that needed to be revised to function correctly. In addition to fixing the navigation and audio sync issues, the course needed to be translated to both Chinese and Spanish — all in two weeks! This was a huge request, but we were up for the challenge.

  • Devise a plan to correct a training solution built by another vendor.
  • Resolve audio issues in the 30-minute eLearning module.
  • Translate the course into Chinese and Spanish.
  • Complete this all in a matter of two weeks!

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Meet the Innovators


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Innovative Solutions in Action

In the end, we were able to produce a high-quality product in all three languages. It took just a little over two weeks, but the client was extremely pleased with the results. They even called us back shortly after the project concluded to request that we do the annual updates required by the EPA each year!

Additional raves & reviews…

We received some very special recognition from our client, thanking us for our efforts:

“Cheri, Jennifer, and the entire TTC team who worked on the Pesticide eLearning course:

I know this is just one small milestone for this project, but I wanted to take the time to say a great big THANK YOU for literally working around the clock for the last couple of weeks to rescue this project. Your patience, tenacity, and innovative solutions have all paid off. We just received final approval of the English version of the course. I knew that I could count on TTC to come through for us and you did in a MAJOR way. Please pass this appreciation on to anyone who worked on this version of the course.”

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