Case Study: Storytelling: An Innovative Approach to Take Learner Engagement to the Next Level

Emily Meade
Posted: August 1, 2019

When one of our long-time clients requested training for a new manager role that combined tasks from two existing roles, we jumped at the opportunity with Innovators on Demand® to get creative with a learning solution. For this undertaking, they wanted a fresh approach to the typical manager training — something new, different, and engaging. They also wanted to add some realistic scenarios to help learners apply the concepts and processes. We knew that a unique storytelling approach was exactly the thing to bring this content to life. Here’s a breakdown of our innovative solution to take learner engagement to the next level.

Partners in Innovation

Developing and maintaining relevant and up-to-date employee training is a necessity for Fortune 500 financial institutions that experience constantly changing laws and regulations. The client we worked with provides regular learning opportunities to ensure that all associates are informed and equipped to do their jobs well. While much of their training is required, some optional courses are also available for those individuals looking to stay at the top of their game.

Opportunities We Overcame Together

This client specifically requested the following criteria, which we were more than happy to satisfy:

  • Spice things up, as this audience completes training regularly.
  • Provide a unique experience that learners haven’t seen before.
  • Engage learners throughout the training rather than providing limited opportunities to participate.
  • Make the training fun for both the instructor and the learners.
  • Provide practical application opportunities that promote critical thinking.
  • Bring the content to life by illustrating realistic scenarios.

Our game plan was a three-pronged approach. Download the full case study to see our innovative solution in action!

Click here to download

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Innovative Solutions in Action

The clients on this project were so delighted with the concepts we developed that they approached us with additional project work, giving us modules created by other designers and asking us to incorporate the same concept in those components. Once we had alignment on the storytelling approach, the development time on additional modules was lightning fast.

“I shared with my team how rare [it is] to find a vendor that [is] so uniquely qualified to complete the work. Don’t go very far because we’ll look to pull you into more work.” – Learning and Development Manager

“Your team has been great. It’s so nice to work with a group that is flexible and fun.” – Process Design Consultant

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