Case Study: Rolling Out a Revamped New Hire Program into Financial Centers

Jessica Howell
Posted: December 2, 2018

How do you take an existing 18-week mortgage loan officer curriculum and revamp it to create an innovative new hire program for financial centers that’s streamlined, enjoyable, and results in 100% passing scores on workshop assessments on the first attempt? Read on and download the complete case study to find out how our Innovators designed, developed, and deployed this successful new hire training while exceeding our client’s expectations.

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Partners in Innovation

A multinational Fortune 500 investment bank and financial services company based in the southeastern U.S. sought to introduce a new mortgage role into their financial centers.

The consumer lending consultant position would serve as an entry point for new hires to begin their mortgage careers with the company and play a key role in starting client mortgage conversations.

Thank you for all you are doing – creative new design, detailed analysis all while working with a crazy number of SMEs, personalities and topics. You are appreciated!” – Learning Consultant

Opportunities We Overcame Together

The Opportunity

Discover the needs, challenges (or as we like to call them — opportunities), and details of how we collaborated for a successful partnership

This new consumer lending consultant position was designed to help existing loan officers handle the initial mortgage application process with the client and then refer them to a mortgage loan officer.

The decision to create and implement a new mortgage position nationwide posed a challenge, as the client had an existing 18-week mortgage loan officer curriculum but no formalized structure in place for this new role. As new hires without previous mortgage expertise, students had to learn not only about the financial products and how to handle different types of mortgages, but also the technical infrastructure, which included many different computer systems and software programs.

The lack of an organized curriculum for this new mortgage role and the length of the original course led to gaps in employee skill sets from financial center to financial center, generating confusion around the function of the new role and causing disharmony between the mortgage sales and operations business.

Our Game Plan

 The ttcInnovations dream team filled up their coffee cups and came ready for the challenge!

We worked with the internal learning team, underwriting subject matter experts (SMEs), and business executives to determine what new topics needed to be included and the job requirements of this new role, then matched those job requirements to the tasks these new mortgage employees would complete on the job.

Our business executives were concerned about how much time employees would spend completing the course, as other new hire programs in the mortgage department take as long as 18 weeks in some cases. We worked to streamline the onboarding process while still providing a solid foundation for the new hire to be successful and productive immediately.

I spent the week observing the Consumer Lending Consultant Workshop and the first thing I have to say is…WOW!!!! This new program is absolutely amazing! The interaction through the labs, the brevity through the games and activities, and last but certainly not least, the foundational learning has such a clear and obvious impact. – VP, New Hire Learning Proficiency Coach

Meet Our Team

Meet the talented team who collaborated with our clients to #UnlockInnovation!

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New Hire Training in Action

Take an exclusive look behind the curtain at our custom new hire training, including the project timeline from start to finish, details on the quality-assured deliverables we created, impressive learner results, and rave reviews that speak for themselves — like this one!

In a class of 12 new hire LCs, they ALL passed their workshop assessment on the first try! This is unheard of in the new hire workshop world and the joy was palpable. – VP, New Hire Learning Proficiency Coach

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