Case Study: Innovators on Demand® Collaborate to Conquer Compliance Training

Jessica Howell
Posted: October 25, 2018

Following the much anticipated and well-received launch of our newest talent management division, Innovators on Demand™, we are thrilled to share this staff augmentation success story featuring our friend and long-time partner — Bank of America. Keep reading to find out how our specialized and onboard-ready learning experts collaborated to conquer compliance training, and be sure to see our innovative learning solutions in action!

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Partners in Innovation

Meet our amazing client, Bank of America, and find out why they choose to engage our Innovators on Demand for their staff augmentation needs!

Since 2003, ttcInnovations, a preferred training vendor, has provided professional custom learning support to this leading Fortune 500 global banking and financial institution. In response to industrywide concerns and to ensure compliance with the Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), Bank of America recently engaged the services of our Innovators on Demand.

To meet the bank’s internal compliance requirements, as well as federal rules and regulations and the OCC review, this high-profile training initiative required highly skilled and experienced learning professionals.

Given the time constraints and availability of internal resources, I’ve had greater success working with ttcInnovations than in trying to pull together internal teams. Their deep knowledge of the bank, this project, business acumen, and the ability to be agile with process, including being able to develop on the fly, provided the type of staff augmentation necessary for a major project. The Innovators’ training and experience allowed them to think beyond the structure of how the bank typically does things. – Jeanne Flaherty, Program Manager | Bank of America

Meet Our Innovators on Demand™

Get to know the experts behind our Extra Hands You Don’t Have to Hold™ and the Innovators our partners at Bank of America chose to add as extensions of their internal learning team. 

“The assigned team members integrated quickly into project routines due to their familiarity with the bank’s processes. It was like working with seasoned bank employees. – Jeanne Flaherty, Program Manager | Bank of America

Jenny D. | Project Manager

Experience: 13 years in training, 18 years in project management

“Being a part of the Innovators on Demand™ allows me to develop an even deeper relationship with the bank by immersing myself full time into a project. Because of my skill set and knowledge about the inner workings of this client, I was able to effectively manage this complex project, including responding to many special requests throughout the duration of the engagement. With ttcInnovations’ can-do attitude, no matter your role, there is a ‘roll up your sleeves and brainstorm how to get this done as quickly and effectively as possible’ team vibe. It’s empowering to be part of that type of energy dynamic when collaborating with Bank of America.” 

Sharon B. | Learning Consultant

Experience: 15 years in training, 20 years in project management

“Partnering with many levels, both vertically and horizontally, I was able to assist the bank with their internal priorities to keep the project running smoothly while minimizing any potential inherent conflict when there are multiple lines of business. As a team, we were able to bring the project in on time and within budget and with 100% client satisfaction. This partnership was very close, including daily, if not hourly, communication, which builds trust and great, long-lasting relationships.”

Sharon S. | Senior Instructional Designer 

Experience: 28 years in training and development

“Because of my past experience with Bank of America, I was able to jump right into analysis and design and then quickly move into development. I love designing courses and then also being able to develop them. The collaborative team work between the internal employees, their subject matter experts, my Innovator partners and other ttc instructional designers was very rewarding. The opportunity to be more than just a pair of hands is absolutely wonderful.”

Cindy R. | Instructional Designer 

Experience: 28 years in training and development

“Staff aug provided me with the opportunity to be part of a project team from the beginning to the end of a project. I was able to expand my knowledge of the bank’s learning processes and tools. I was able to work with so many fabulous people at the bank, as well as with other Innovators and ttcInnovations resources.”

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Innovative Learning Solutions in Action

Take an exclusive look behind the curtain at our custom learning solutions, including our analysis findings, the project timeline from start to finish, a sampling of the quality-assured deliverables we created, impressive learner results, and rave reviews that speak for themselves!

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“Instead of having to assign internal resources at the beginning of a project when resource needs are still uncertain, they have the ability to recognize and deploy additional resources when needed, such as to meet tight deadlines or for components that require a special skill set. This just in time ability to pull in resources instead of trying to predict when a resource might be needed is critical to budget and resource allocation. Essentially, this allows the bank to expand their head count of instructional designers who are permanently assigned throughout the project, instead of taking internal resources away from business as usual projects.” – Jeanne Flaherty, Program Manager | Bank of America

From all of us at ttcInnovations, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our continued partners at Bank of America for their unwavering trust in our on-demand resources! We’re so thrilled to have been one of their preferred training vendors for almost two decades, and by extending our relationship with Innovators on Demand™ to meet and exceed their talent needs in addition to content development — we could not be more proud to call them our partners in innovation!

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