Case Study: 8 Weeks to a Social Media Servicing (SMS) Solution in Action

Emily Meade
Posted: December 19, 2018

When one of our trusted partners came to us for a custom learning solution to drive a Social Media Servicing (SMS) Modernization plan that was needed in eight weeks, we jumped at the opportunity and got to work quickly. This project demonstrated collaboration at its finest! Download the full case study to see how our Innovators proactively led this SMS training solution to completion and client satisfaction within a tight timeline. If this were a coffee, it would be a double espresso!

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Partners in Innovation

The SMS team of this top financial institution was launching a social media modernization initiative that would include an overall culture shift — moving more SMS interactions to digital channels, improving self-service, orienting the team to customer satisfaction, and empowering employees to interact more authentically. Since they needed a quality deliverable in just eight weeks, we got right to work!

“ttcInnovations provided a quality train-the-trainer (T3), adding clarity around the material and the tool.” – Facilitator

Discover the Hurdle

The Social Situation

The SMS team requested assistance in the development of application and process training for their new Authentication Hub as part of the overall modernization initiative. The Authentication Hub would play a major role in the new process of authenticating customers using a digital channel versus over the phone. The employees would not only need to understand the tool functionality, but also follow new procedures for when to use the tool and when to pull the customer interaction over to the phone channel.

Initially, the business indicated that employees were accustomed to a virtual training environment (due to diverse locations) with demonstrations of new applications but no practice activities. This reduced training costs, as they were using an Agile approach and the application would be developed and enhanced through an iterative process. The team was looking for more than they had done in the past — they just didn’t know what “more” looked like.

“ttcInnovations did an amazing job on the deck and simulations.” – Facilitator

Meet the Innovators

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Check out the Collaborative Solution

This was the perfect opportunity for our ttcInnovations team to put a game plan into action on time and on budget! Armed with data for various delivery options and employee satisfaction testimonies, our Innovators came to the table recommending a blended learning solution of virtual instructor-led training, with a balance of interactive group activities for soft skill and decision-making components and four simulated practice activities to be completed individually.

To check out these activities in detail, as well as a snapshot of our project timeline, download the full case study below.

“The employees liked the delivery.” – Facilitator

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