Trends Changing the Face of Corporate Training

As I prepared to facilitate my very first training session, I stood nervously at the counter at Kinko’s waiting for the associate to print my carefully crafted overhead transparencies. It took me a week to create the transparencies; I really wanted them to have a huge visual impact! Once the printing was done, I carefully... View Article

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Conference Call Etiquette

If you’ve ever been on a conference call, you know how frustrating it can be when not everyone is prepared! In order to have a constructive call, it’s important to listen to others, be free of distractions, and above all, be patient. Here are some helpful conference call etiquette tips to help you mind your... View Article

Learning Tools | feedly

In the second part of our Learning Tools series (click here to read the first post) we’ll be focusing on our favorite news aggregator — feedly! Why We Love feedly To quote our friends at feedly, “the more you read, the more you know.” This all-encompassing RSS reader serves as the perfect addition to our... View Article

10 Ways to Ensure Your Learning Translates into Action

More often than not, your business reason for requesting training involves performance enhancement in a role or task. Here’s how we design training that ensures learning translates into action: Ask lots of questions so you can understand the specific reasons behind a training request. You want to know what participants are expected to do differently... View Article

Working for on the Weekend

It’s 2 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. You’ve had a rough week, but you tell yourself it’s okay because it’s almost the weekend! You’re (mentally) halfway out the door and ready to kick-start your two days of freedom when all of a sudden — oh no! An emergency project has just been added to your... View Article

Learning Tools | SharePoint

This week we’ve been inspired by one of our favorite learning leaders – Jane Hart. Each year she hosts a survey, Top 100 Tools for Learning on her site which highlights some of the most popular and trending tools for learning professionals. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing our favorite learning tools, why we... View Article

D Is for Design

Designing and developing training-related performance interventions in hyperspeed is the norm today, and rapid instructional design is certainly not new, especially in the financial services industry. As rapid as the design must be, the purpose still is to close a performance gap. A critical aspect of achieving this lies in the design of instruction. [Tweet... View Article

Coffee Lovers | Giveaway

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ll see it’s no secret we’re big fans of coffee here at ttcInnovations – really big fans. Ahem, see our footer below. ↓ We weren’t kidding about those 1026 cups of coffee, and that’s just what we consume in a week! Can you say addicted? Our trusty cup o’ joe... View Article

Add Sizzle to Training Using a Thematic Approach

Have you ever taken training and wished you could ask the developer for the recipe? Or wished you could add more to spice it up? What ingredients can you toss in to make your training delight your learners’ taste buds? Begin with Basics Of course, you must include the basic ingredients for all sound training,... View Article

How to be more Productive

For most of us who work virtually – some days are just blah! Know what we mean? Twelve o’clock rolls around and nothing sounds better than taking off for the rest of the afternoon. Wouldn’t it be nice? Well, as most of you know – it just doesn’t work that way. Often times, having a... View Article

New Website!

Wow, can you believe it? ttcInnovations is finally a teenager! That’s right, welcome to our 13th year in operation! Like most teenagers, it’s a time of growth, change and heck – even a few challenges along the way! One of the most important changes we’ve been focusing on the past few months is the exploration... View Article

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