6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Coworkers

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the chocolate, candy hearts, and romance. This holiday, take the opportunity to show some appreciation to the men and women who work alongside you every day. Spread the love to your coworkers with these simple, yet thoughtful Valentine gifts. Homemade Goodies You don’t have to be Betty Crocker to whip up... View Article

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Writing Emails: 5 Ways to Write Better

Tackling our email inbox, while necessary to our daily workflow, can often be stressful and time consuming. Clear up your communications efficiently and increase productivity with these 5 tips to write better emails. Get to the Point We all know how daunting it is to open up a packed inbox during the work day. Be... View Article

Five Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Being an entrepreneur can be quite challenging at times. When you’re feeling a lack of motivation or a facing mental blocks, do yourself a favor and dive nose first into these captivating and inspiring reads…. [Tweet “The more you read, the more you know! Five Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read. via @ttcinnovations”] Creativity, Inc. Overcoming... View Article

Learning and Differences in Brain Function

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about the benefits of thinking like a dog. As a cat lover and owner of many wonderful felines, I felt it was time to focus on our other “best friend,” the cat. My opinion is that cats are probably far smarter than we generally imagine; they simply... View Article

Eight Questions with a VP of Human Resources

We asked, and she told! ttcInnovator and contributor Kat Bourgeois, sits down with our VP of Human Resources, Dana Janssen to chat about the secret to discovering the next great idea, contractor relationships, and the importance of really listening to your team. Dana, can you describe your role with ttcInnovations? My role encompasses the entire... View Article

Four Great Places to Work outside the House

Don’t get us wrong — we love working from home. The flexible hours, the sweatpants casual work attire, and the freedom of decorating your own space just the way you like it are huge perks of being a virtual worker. But there are times when a home office just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes we need... View Article

This Is Your Learner’s Brain on Coffee

It’s been called “America’s number one drug problem” and “a miracle drug for the tired.” Yet onsite training programs often provide coffee as a refreshment for learners and instructors alike, and its presence in the workplace is so expected that coffee frequently appears on the list of top perks offered in desirable workplaces. But what... View Article

Our Top eLearning Blogs to Follow

Looking for some helpful hints, advice on facing common dilemmas in instructional design, or just a fun read while you take a break and grab another cup of joe? Check out some of our favorite eLearning bloggers! Jennifer Valley Head over to Jennifer’s blog for a variety of well-written posts on subjects that range from... View Article

Number One Secret to Getting Business Referrals

As professionals, we know much of our incoming business is based upon referrals. As consumers ourselves, we know how much more we are open to a friend or acquaintances recommendation rather than a sales cold call. The key to gaining more business is founding our professional relationships on trust. A level of personal connection is... View Article

When Training Isn’t Enough, Ask ADDIE

The client asked you for training And you promptly complied You designed a great course Developed content with pride You booked a great room And of course ordered food Implementation went great The Evals? All good! But later you learned Performance still slumped! Classes were cancelled Your training was dumped! What went wrong?
 Ask ADDIE!... View Article

4 Productivity Apps No Entrepreneur Can Live Without: Part 1

If there’s one thing we all wish for, it’s more time. With the holiday season ramping up and filling our calendars with holiday cheer, settling back in to the work grind can get a little more difficult. [Tweet “Never fear- there’s an app for that! 4 productivity apps no entrepreneur can live without.”] Evernote Evernote... View Article