How to Stay Sane Working from Home

As a remote worker, your morning commute involves wandering a few feet down the hall or stepping from your bed to your desk rather than jumping in a car and facing down traffic on the freeway. Saving time and gas driving to and from the office are just two of many benefits of working remotely.... View Article

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Ways to Manage Workflow

Are you constantly struggling to meet those deadlines? Do you find yourself only crossing off half of the items on your to-do list? If so, then this post is for you! Let’s face it, there are two kinds of people in this world: the ones that always get everything done with time to spare, and... View Article

A Tale of Two Trainers

In a faraway land on the ground floor of a mighty castle, a damsel named Mareya figured out how to save her corporate kingdom the magic combination of time and money by streamlining the widget inventory and shipping process. The reigning lords and ladies in the tallest tower were so impressed with her proposal that... View Article

New Facebook Cover Photo

It’s time to switch things up! We’ve been making some much-needed updates to our company’s branding including this website and our fancy new logo. Both updates have had a great impact on the way others view our company — as forward thinkers, creative souls and proud innovators. It’s time for our Facebook page to reflect... View Article

All the World’s a Stage

Thinking back to your school days, what lessons stick in your mind? Facts you memorized for a test, or a great story told by a favorite teacher? As instructional designers, our job is to organize information for learners to understand during training and apply when on the job. Malcolm Knowles, John Keller, and other learning... View Article

Tips to Stay on Top of Email

We know it’s a little late for spring-cleaning, but how about some “summer-tidying”? Okay, so it doesn’t have quite the same ring, but it is important to take a moment before we go back to the daily grind of fall and straighten up a bit — namely, our inboxes. Here are some tips to help... View Article

Maximize Your Office | Space Savers

Barely have room to move your mouse next to your computer? Are you reaching over coffee cups of present, past and future to reach your pen? Find yourself scrambling for sticky notes in the middle of a conference call, only to knock over your stack of mail? Once you’ve tried our office organization tips, it’s... View Article

Using Graphic Design to Help Tell it All

When we speak of graphics, we’re looking at visual representations of items we’re talking about in the content, or text, of our training. Such items can be colorful, full of variety, and can be anything including symbols, icons, stock photographs, graphs, and much more. Basically, you want to draw the learner’s attention to some concept.... View Article

How to Use Twitter to Network with Professionals

To be honest, there are some days when our most exciting interactions happen between us and our four-legged co-workers. As a company who works remotely we understand how isolating working from home can be — not to mention boring! To fight the monotony and prevent total loss of all social cues we’ve found the perfect... View Article

An “App”ropos Workday

If you don’t embrace technology in almost all aspects of your life, then you’re going to get run over! Technology is all around us. And while you don’t hear this as much, it’s still a pretty solid statement that “there’s an app for that!” Let’s be honest, a huge perk of being an instructional designer... View Article

We’re Hiring — Senior Instructional Designers

Super fun training and development company seeking innovative senior instructional designers Must love coffee If coffee’s not your cup of tea, we accept tea drinkers as well Not required to laugh at our cheesy humor (ahem, like this personal ad), but must have a tolerance for it Must be creative, fun, and hard-working If your... View Article

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