5 Ways to Master Work-Life Balance During the Holidays

The halls are decked, Santa has made his list and checked it twice. But sometimes we find out having the kids home over holiday break is a little more naughty than nice. Maintaining the work, family, and life balance during the holidays can be tricky to manage when you work from home. Festivities, no school,... View Article

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Building Your Instructional Design Brand

A picture can be worth 1000 words in your training program. Whether you are writing for face-to-face delivery or web-based training, having the right visuals can be the thread that holds a presentation together. Good visual design helps focus the learner’s attention and can be an exciting, innovative way to present content. Here are a... View Article

How to Make An “Ugly” Project “Pretty”

Let’s talk about the ugly for a few minutes shall we? While we’re all experts in the field of instructional design (ID) consulting with lots of tools in our respective toolboxes, I think we can agree that things don’t always go according to plan. The landscape of a project can be extremely hard to navigate... View Article

How to Work Efficiently as a Virtual Team

I live and work on the coast, to the tune of ice cream trucks rolling along the beach. I’m also part of a group of learning and development professionals who work with ttcInnovations’ clients. Am I lucky or what? Whether we live on the beach, in the mountains, or in the heart of a city,... View Article

How to Host an Interactive Webinar

What is your idea of fun? Basking in the warm sun at the beach Hiking through radiantly beautiful mountains Playing outside with the kids Sitting in a quiet dark room For the most part, we all enjoy fun activities in which we interact with other people!  Shouldn’t our time spent working and learning be equally... View Article

How to Make the Most of Your Meetings

Time is a valuable commodity. When the days seem pressed for the minutes and hours you need to get it all done, it is important to take a look at the aspects of your day you can simplify, reducing time waste while also increasing productivity. Enter the meeting makeover. These sit-downs, while necessary parts of... View Article

Client Communication Tips

Clear, direct communication in your client relationships is one of the most important aspects of your career. Miscommunications contribute to more than errors and dissatisfaction, but can lead to you losing the one thing you need most as a freelancer: word of mouth referrals. We all know you do good work. In fact, one of... View Article

Blog Linkup: Day in the Life of an Instructional Designer

It all started with one single tweet… Looking for next blog post ideas — any ideas or requests? @MelMilloway @amdchiasson @ttcInnovations @deacti_vate @sladetim @nicole_legault — Michael P. Jones (@MPJ_InstrDesign) April 16, 2015 And then our wheels started turning… What if we could get multiple point of view on this same topic? @MPJ_InstrDesign @MelMilloway @amdchiasson @deacti_vate... View Article

Adult LEARNing + Training Tips

Spending on corporate training grew by 15% last year to over $70 billion in the United States and over $130 billion worldwide, according to the 2014 Corporate Learning Factbook created by Forbes. As training developers, we must create training that captures the adult learner. The characteristics and theories surrounding adult learning have been widely discussed... View Article

Effective Training Evaluations with The “KISS” Approach

Training evaluations, we have all completed one — those end-of-the-session surveys that ask how the facilitator did at delivering the content, and whether or not the content would assist in helping on the job. But are those evaluations really an effective way to figure out if the training strategy is in alignment with the learner’s... View Article

How to Accomplish Your Goals

If you’re anything like most Americans, you indulge in the sport of resolution-making. It’s a fine sport, and if you’re a winner, you wind up being fitter and perhaps thinner, getting more done, seeing less clutter, and being proud of your accomplishments. Unfortunately, according to statistics, some 60 percent of those resolution-makers have fallen off... View Article