The Rise of the Sharing Economy: The Challenges + How to Tackle it Through Training

The rise of the sharing economy has introduced new needs into workplace training. With independent contractors all over the country and world, training needs to be done in an efficient way allowing contractors to interact efficiently with training curriculum. The curriculum is necessary for optimizing consumer experiences needed to allow a business to grow and... View Article

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3 Apps Every Instructional Designer Should Use

Because it’s almost 2017, there’s a pretty good chance you’re reading this blog post on your phone. That’s just what we do these days—we use our phones for everything. Why should instructional design be any different? Mobile apps can not only make the creation process easier but make the implementation much smoother as well. Keep... View Article

Learning Theories – Which is Best for Millennials?

As learning professionals, we are always interested in learning theories, especially if we’ve been in the industry for a while and have seen more than one learning theory applied to our development over the years. I’ve recently been giving thought as to how millennials learn, for example: Which methods work best for a millennial? What... View Article

10 Surprising Benefits of eLearning

Most companies are aware of the general benefits of eLearning. It saves money because you don’t have to bring everyone together into a classroom, people can take training when it is convenient to them, and of course, eLearning offers a consistent training experience. These are all great reasons to include eLearning as part of your... View Article

3 Ways to Avoid Employee Burnout – Engage, Train + Retain

Employee burnout is a common issue among the modern workplace and is a major reason why talented workers often leave their place of business. As an employer, learning to recognize the signs of burnout is the key way to avoiding it in the first place. Signs of burnout in employees can include: lack of motivation... View Article

Using a Mood Board to Plan Your Training Curriculum    

What do web designers, architects, advertising agencies, fashion designers and movie set designers have in common? They all use mood boards to develop their initial design and share ideas with team members and clients. Here are some ways using a mood board can help you on your next instructional design project. Saves Time The primary... View Article

Formal Learning vs. Informal Learning

“Workers learn more in the coffee room than in the classroom.” – Jay Cross While studies vary on the exact percentage, most learning in today’s workplace is informal. In this post, we’ll distinguish between informal and formal learning and explore ways to identify and encourage informal learning within your organization. What is informal learning? Jay... View Article

6 Powerful TED Talks to Inspire Instructional Designers

If we want to be truly great educators, then every once in awhile we should step off the cliff, abandon our favored assumptions, suspend our ideas about what we already know, put ourselves in the shoes of our students, and go learn about what’s new in our craft. TED (Technology, Education, Design) talks are an... View Article

Chunking: The Writing and Design Tool You Never Knew You Needed

Are you sitting at your computer, surfing the net, because now that you are halfway through the document you’re currently writing, it no longer makes sense? If so, follow me… Take a deep breath. Hold it. S-l-o-w-l-y, let it out. Now, regroup! Regroup Ask yourself these questions: Is the information I’m trying to convey broken... View Article

How to Develop a Mentor Program for Millennial Employees

By now you may have heard many different things about Millennial employees and how they engage within the workplace. But no matter their preferences or expectations for their career, there is still a staggering 70% of Millennial employees who don’t feel that they have progressed as far in their career as they would like.  ... View Article

Using Social Media to Encourage Social Learning

More than any other generation thus far, Millennials, by and large, are the social media gurus of today’s work force.  There are just about 80 million of them, so they represent a significant chunk of any organization’s makeup.  Given their interest and consumption of social media, why not consider its importance in learning. While social... View Article