12 Tips for Repurposing eLearning Content

Whether you call it chunking, slicing and dicing, or creating learning objects, reusing content is a winning formula for turning learning principles into action. After all, you’ve worked hard to create an effective and powerful learning experience. Why shouldn’t it have more than one life? I’ve listed below some tips to challenge you to see... View Article

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How to Use Dynamic Media to Engage Millennial Learners

Many predictions about the future have been spectacularly wrong; for example, in 1948, Mary Somerville of Radio Educational Broadcast assured us that “Television won’t last. It’s just a flash in the pan.” Variety Magazine assured us in 1955 that “Rock ‘n’ Roll would be gone by June.” And, in 2005, Nikki Finke of LA Weekly... View Article

Why Your Employees Need Change Management Skills to Succeed

How many times have you heard, “our employees are our most important asset”? How many times have you experienced a change of culture or process and had only a short period of time to complete extensive training? It seems as though there is a gap between our desire to show employees how crucial they are... View Article

How to Create Engaging Multi-Device Learning

In the fall of 2016, I wrote a blog article titled Using Responsive eLearning to Engage Millennials, where I explained that responsive eLearning is a single course that plays well on any device — desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone — and in either horizontal or vertical orientation. Let’s look at some tips to consider when... View Article

3 Benefits of Mobile Learning

Have you ever noticed how folks are spending their downtime these days? What would you do in your free time if you rode the subway or took an Uber every day? What do you see teammates doing when sitting in the breakroom? Common answers to these questions could involve the use of a smartphone or... View Article

Take Your Employee to Work Day — Is Job Shadowing Right for Your Company?

While most learning professionals will agree that the gold standard is on-the-job training, few would argue that it’s always the best solution for every performance need. Job shadowing can be an excellent substitute, because it provides on-the-job training without actually “practicing” on real files or people. In reviewing your methodology options, what questions might you... View Article

Using Big Data to Understand How Millennials Learn

Big data? What is that? Is it amazing, new, ginormous and scary? Answer: No! Is big data just a buzz phrase Millennials throw out there to make it sound like something Gen Xer’s, Baby Boomers and Traditionalists never considered? Answer: No again! Big data is really a collection of data from traditional and digital sources... View Article

How to Use Visual Storytelling to Relate to Your Learners

When you Google the term “visual storytelling” for a definition, you may get some slight deviations on a common theme, but basically you find that it is a story told primarily through the use of visual media. Try thinking of that from an instructional design methodology. Most likely, these days, you’ve been doing a lot... View Article

Facebook Groups for Learning Professionals

Facebook is described as a social networking site that makes it easy for users to connect and share information. Within it is Facebook Groups, where a group of individuals with common thoughts and goals gather to communicate with each other. You may wonder: How can Facebook Groups help me connect with my learners? Why would... View Article

6 Books to Help You Better Understand Millennials [+ exclusive free chapter!]

Millennials are a notably large and diverse group, so it would be a mistake to homogenize them. Yet millennials have common characteristics that can inform a more complete understanding of their behaviors and attitudes. Some of the more frequently used terms to describe this generation are: unattached, connected, unconstrained and idealistic. How can one be... View Article

Video is the New Black — Why Millennials Choose This Media Over Others

Seems like you can’t go anywhere these days, especially on the internet, without seeing a video. They are everywhere right now, from YouTube to social media. You also can’t get very far without reading or hearing about the world’s largest generation to date, the Millennials. So, what do Millennials (80 million strong, generally ranging in... View Article