How to Build a Successful Webinar

What makes a webinar particularly challenging for instructional designers? The very nature of a webinar is designed to include those who are not nearby. Chances are your audience is not only geographically distant, but culturally and philosophically distant as well. Engaging others, particularly diverse populations, is tricky when there is no body language to enhance... View Article

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Five Things to Consider if You’re Thinking About Making the Move to Contracting

Companies are moving toward an agile workforce more than ever before, and the need for on-demand resources is on the rise. I find myself in Q&A sessions regularly with people interested in making the leap into contracting, eager to fill this growing need. During these conversations, I find the biggest two a-ha moments are that... View Article

Five Things to Look for in a Mentor

Let me be straightforward. I am a flaming fan of mentorship. As I’ve served as mentor and grown as a mentee (protégé), I’ve become a believer, although there were bumps along the way that I learned to overcome. I’m grateful for my life-changing mentors. Hoping to help you reach your goals through mentorship, here are... View Article

How to Use Learning Analytics to Measure Training

The term “analytics” seems to be everywhere these days. What are analytics? Or, more specifically, what does learning analytics mean, and why is it important? Analytics refers to information, so it’s quite simply the study of data. Learning (or training) analytics is the study of learning data.  It is important because it allows you to... View Article

10 Tips for Training Future Millennial Leaders

There is an international phenomenon taking place. It’s called global aging, and the impact will be evident in the next few years. By 2030, 20% of the U.S. population will be age 65 or older, resulting in a dramatic decline in the supply of labor. Large numbers of the most experienced workers will exit the... View Article

Personalized Learning for the Millennial Generation (and Everyone Else)

According to the Pew Research Group, Millennials are the largest generational cohort in the workforce, but many of us are still trying to understand their needs and expectations. In this post, we look at one of the most significant requirements of this generation: personalization. There have been many attempts to define “personalized learning.” While previous... View Article

Is Your Training Challenging Enough for Your Employees?

Learning professionals want their training to be challenging for employees. But they also want to attract lots of registrations. It’s easy to see how a passion for engaging employees can cause an instructional designer to unwittingly “dumb down” the format, content, or dynamic of a training opportunity. Creating more challenging training is not a simple... View Article

Four Things Millennials Need to Succeed in the Workplace

Just in case you hadn’t heard…The Millennials (the generation born between 1980-2000) are coming.   No wait, the Millennials have arrived.  They are here.  They are in the workforce en masse and we need them.  And they have arrived with a unique set of needs that we should all be thinking about. Consider these needs... View Article

Wearable Technology — The Next Big Trend in eLearning

Wearable technology — the term seems both futuristic and oddly normal. Technology evolves so quickly that we are becoming almost numb and unimpressed by so many changes. You or someone you know probably owns wearable technology such as an Apple Watch® (a smartwatch that operates as a small wearable computing device), a Fitbit® (wearable technology... View Article

Three Ideas for Adding Gaming into Any Deliverable or Curriculum

Games are undeniably fun for learners, and playfulness supports a more open learning atmosphere. Here are a few very simple things you can add to any deliverable or curriculum to benefit learners in a powerful way. Match the game’s cognitive task to job requirements. Games should be relevant to the job task. For example, you... View Article

Five Benefits of eLearning Automation

If you were born after 1970, you might not even remember a day in your working life when the Learning Management System (LMS) did not exist. Early iterations of the LMS first started appearing in the 1970s to support a truly disruptive innovation that we now call “eLearning.” Since then, these two learning tools have... View Article