How to Ensure Learning Transfer During + After Training

In leadership there is a tenet that goes something like: “You should never send a changed person back into an unchanged environment.” (Raelin) As instructional designers and learning professionals, we often focus on the initial learning solution, ignoring the fact that the most important part of learning transference is what happens after the initial learning... View Article

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5 Ways to Get Your Employees Excited for Mandatory Training

As much time as you spend constructing your training and building a curriculum, It’s frustrating to hear when employees don’t see the value in training. This doesn’t necessarily mean your employees are unwilling to learn and adapt, but that they’ve had a negative experience with training in the past. Luckily, it’s easy to incorporate a... View Article

3 Key Steps in Preparing to Create a Storyboard

“’Begin at the beginning,’ the King said, very gravely, ‘and go on till you come to the end: then stop.’” Who can argue with Lewis Carroll’s classic advice in Alice in Wonderland? Let’s zoom in closer to see how this bit of 19th Century wisdom serves the 21st Century eLearning professional in preparing to create... View Article

8 Do’s + 3 Don’ts of Virtual-Led Presentations for New Generations

It’s time to admit it, times are a’changin. We have a whole new technology and a new user group to deal with now. How in the world are we going to make training interesting enough for them to actually learn the “stuff” we want them to remember? (I feel so far behind the eight-ball lately.)... View Article

Finding the Path to Living a Creative Life

What is creativity? Do we all have it, or is it a gift just a few of us have? Does it only apply to artists, writers and musicians? If asked, “Are you creative?” would you respond, “Oh no, not me! I work in the corporate arena”? I have often wondered about what creativity feels like.... View Article

Performance Support – The Golden Key to Training Success

The process of driving changes or behaviors in your organization in pursuit of a positive outcome or result must have one non-negotiable ingredient to ensure success: A training performance support solution that validates and measures. The old clichés, “Time is money” and “Practice makes perfect,” ring true when you want to protect your training investment.... View Article

Spicy Saltines: 3 Ways to Make Compliance Training More Engaging

The saltine cracker — what comes to mind when you envision this culinary cutout? No offense meant to this fine cracker, but the words that come to my mind are square, plain, dry and bland. In fact, there is a game where you eat saltines and then try to whistle! Unfortunately, this is a nearly... View Article

Is Bite-Size the Right Size for Your Team’s Training?

What do Legos, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, and learning solutions have in common? Think small bites or small chunks! In a world of constant change, unlimited choices, and limited attention spans — small, mini, and micro seem to be the hippest solutions to our overwhelmed, distracted, and not-enough-time society. I’m a HUGE proponent for... View Article

How to Speak eLearning: Terminology in Which Every L+D Professional Should be Fluent

Many clients ask the question, “How do we engage our millennial learners?” That question drives us as learning and delivery (L+D) professionals to look for new ways to develop training that inspires and engages our audience. Millennials often communicate through multi-media, text and instant messaging. When designing a learning experience for them, we need to... View Article

Training Generation Z: 4 Considerations and a Final Thought

With Millennials having flooded the workplace in recent years, you’ve likely (hopefully) been very busy considering their unique generational needs and making adjustments to workplace training programs. Phew, we’re done right? Wrong! Generation Z is right on their heels and will be making their way into the workforce before we know it. Like those that... View Article

mLearning vs. eLearning: Do You Have to Choose?

Do you have to choose between mLearning and eLearning? Are you confused about that? Let me explain. No, you do not necessarily have to choose between the two methods, because mLearning (mobile learning) is a subset of eLearning (electronic learning). They are both acceptable platforms to meet your objectives, and, they can be used together.... View Article