Millennials and Storytelling: 5 Reasons Why it Works for This Generation

Everyone likes a good story, but not everyone finds a particular so-called “good story” all that great. How do you write a Millennial-friendly story? One that this generation (so often referred to as the “Me Me Me Generation”) can find engaging? First, let’s redefine that cliché. I, for one, like to think of them as... View Article

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5 Tools Every Instructional Designer Should Have in Their Back Pocket

Every occupation has its tools. A carpenter’s tools might include things like a circular saw, an assortment of drill bits, and architect plans. A doctor’s might include a stethoscope, an x-ray machine, and a database for access to medical information. Tools are reliable assets that enable you to do a job with maximum efficiency and... View Article

Using Color Psychology to Build Effective Training Curriculum

Close your eyes and think about your favorite shirt or dress. What colors do you see? Close your eyes again and picture your training room or elearning template. What colors are you using? How are you using them? Did you know that your brain responds to each color in a different way and that you... View Article

5 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Training ASAP

If you’ve been feeling a bit of discord within your organization lately, it may be time to stop and examine where the issues are stemming from. Do you have a people problem or a structural problem? Chances are, it may be a bit of both. Before you go on a firing spree or start restructuring... View Article

3 Must-Listen Podcasts for Instructional Designers + Learning Professionals

June 21, 2018 Update: See more updated recommendations for podcasts geared toward instructional designers and learning professionals here. >>> 7 Learning Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now As a learning professional, your typical workday may be jam-packed with getting the kids off to school, fighting the traffic on your morning commute, and juggling back-to-back... View Article

Is it “Game Over” for Gamification? + 10 Innovative Examples Your Learners Will Love

In 2014 Gartner reported that by 2015, 50% of organizations managing innovation processes would gamify aspects of their businesses. Additionally, 53% of respondents to a research study completed by PEW Research stated that by 2020 gamification would be widely adopted by most industries, the communications scene, and, most of all, education and training. So, now... View Article

6 Ways to Create Hype Around Your Course Launch

Whether you’re a seasoned instructional designer launching your 10th e-course or you’re preparing for the launch of your very first product, sales and interest don’t just appear magically overnight. New course launches are a great way to garner excitement for your business and expand the reach of your audience. If you’re looking for a way... View Article

Millennials vs. Baby Boomers – The Key Differences in How They Learn + How to Engage Them Both

As humans, we often gravitate towards those that are like us. We are creatures of habit and drawn to that which we know. To that end, many relationships, both personal and professional, are formed on the basis of shared interest. Sometimes those interests are obvious, sometimes not. But what about the relationships not formed on... View Article

Six Tips for a Highly Successful eLearning Storyboard [Free Checklist Included!]

Good for you! You’re well prepared to begin your storyboard. You have a sound instructional design, driven by business goals, audience analysis and learning objectives. You have approved content. You have style guidelines and a standardized eLearning template, and you understand the project’s technical requirements. Now what? How do you turn blank pages into a... View Article

7 Instrumental Habits of Highly Successful Individuals

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “How do they do it”? Some people just seem to be able to juggle it all — work, a social life, family and everything in between. Now, before you get too frustrated, no, these mythical creatures are not superheroes. In fact, you probably have a lot more... View Article

6 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your eLearning Implementation [Infographic]

From start to finish, the six steps you need to take to ensure the success of your eLearning implementation! [Tweet “6 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your #eLearning Implementation! by @ttcInnovations”] Hover over the image to save this to Pinterest!