The Ultimate Guide to Millennial Team Building

To extract the very best out of your workforce, team building is essential. You can have a thousand brilliant employees, but if they are unable to come together and work cohesively, the fate of the company is at jeopardy. It is their joint efforts that determine the success or failure of a project. If you... View Article

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Using Virtual Reality to Shift Your Learning Paradigm

When I started in corporate training, a long, long time ago, classroom training was the only game in town. Then came web-based training, and that was a paradigm shift. Then distant learning and eLearning—more shifts. With web conferencing and video conferencing, another paradigm shift for learning. But what about virtual reality (VR) training? Is it... View Article

5 Habits That Will Help You Reach Your Goals

How do you get from point A to point B when you need to make changes to reach your goals? Are you a person who jumps in head first and goes for total immersion, or do you make incremental changes to begin moving in the direction you want? Either way, change is difficult, uncomfortable and... View Article

Video Assets that Trigger a Learner’s Senses

So, you’ve decided that videos are a valuable tool to have in your learning arsenal; after all, they appeal to all generation; specifically, the Millennials – can you say YouTube? You’ve done your research and you have found that videos don’t have to be expensive to make and they appeal to many of the learning... View Article

Five Inspiring Videos to Kick You into High Gear

It’s six months into the new year! Can you believe it?  Over this past weekend, I dared to take a quick peek at the goals I created in January. I have a lot to accomplish both personally and professionally and staying on top of these goals has been challenging even on the best of days.... View Article

The Differences Between Gen Z and Millennials in the Workplace

Just when you thought you were starting to get Generation Y (Gen Y, or “Millennials”) down, in walks Generation Z (or Gen Z). Gen Z, also known as “Post-Millennials” and the “iGeneration,” is the next group of young employees to enter the workforce. There are no precise dates for when Gen Z starts or ends,... View Article

How and Why to Inject Videos into Your Learning Strategy

I am hoping to learn Spanish this year. Back in the day, I would have bought a Spanish-English dictionary and trotted off to the library to check out some audio CDs that teach conversational Spanish. Now, however, I simply go to YouTube and search. I found Culture Alley, which is some pretty nifty video learning... View Article

15 Ideas for Reenergizing Your Training Curriculum for the Emerging Workforce

Have you noticed that you’re attending more retirement parties for exiting employees than in previous years? Are you no longer surprised by team leaders who are younger than their team members? For that matter, managers who are no longer called managers—and who are treated more as collaborators rather than as experts? Do your colleagues seem... View Article

Six Tools to Create Visual Language

I think all of us in the learning industry are familiar with the need to convey information in a fast, intriguing way that captures and holds our learners’ attention. We’ve all probably heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words,” too. If I were to put a thousand words in front of my... View Article

8 Ways Your Learning Organization Can Help Attract the New Workforce

In the coming years, the unique makeup of our workforce is going to transform into something we have yet to experience in our world history. Baby Boomers (which is the generation most likely to make up company leadership) are finally finding themselves ready and able to retire. In fact, 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every... View Article

Why Millennials See the World and Workforce Differently

There’s no denying that Millennials are a bit of a different bird. When it comes to how they view the world and the workplace, there are several factors to consider that are affecting their viewpoint. Let’s take a look at some of the facts about Millennials that shape the way they see the modern workplace:... View Article