Three Tips to Help Employees Apply Training to Their Jobs

We spend hours upon hours creating training and delivering it to our employees. We know we have executed all the proper steps throughout the instructional design and implementation processes, yet we still wonder…will our employees be able to apply what they learned to their job? Here are three tips to keep in mind when designing... View Article

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Why Your Employees Need Change Management Skills to Succeed

How many times have you heard, “our employees are our most important asset”? How many times have you experienced a change of culture or process and had only a short period of time to complete extensive training? It seems as though there is a gap between our desire to show employees how crucial they are... View Article

3 Benefits of Mobile Learning

Have you ever noticed how folks are spending their downtime these days? What would you do in your free time if you rode the subway or took an Uber every day? What do you see teammates doing when sitting in the breakroom? Common answers to these questions could involve the use of a smartphone or... View Article

Facebook Groups for Learning Professionals

Facebook is described as a social networking site that makes it easy for users to connect and share information. Within it is Facebook Groups, where a group of individuals with common thoughts and goals gather to communicate with each other. You may wonder: How can Facebook Groups help me connect with my learners? Why would... View Article

Asynchronous Versus Synchronous Learning — Which do Millennials Prefer?

Millennial learners are young professionals born in the years from the early 1980s through the early 2000s. They often communicate through multi-media, text and instant messaging. They describe themselves as highly collaborative and ambitious individuals who thrive in online social environments. They are multi-taskers, self-learners, resourceful and very comfortable with technology. Millennials want learning experiences... View Article

How to Speak eLearning: Terminology in Which Every L+D Professional Should be Fluent

Many clients ask the question, “How do we engage our millennial learners?” That question drives us as learning and delivery (L+D) professionals to look for new ways to develop training that inspires and engages our audience. Millennials often communicate through multi-media, text and instant messaging. When designing a learning experience for them, we need to... View Article

3 Ways to Engage Millennial Learners + Train on Their Level

Millennial learners are those young professionals born in the years from the early 1980s through the early 2000s. The Millennials were raised in an era of instant access and gratification. They often communicate through multi-media, text and instant messaging and are said to have a relatively short attention span. When designing training for Millennials, it’s... View Article

Designing SUCCESSful eLearning

There is nothing worse than opening an eLearning course and finding a wall of words! Even at the onset of the wall — learners are often hopeful it will get better. Sadly, there are instances in which learners review paragraph after paragraph of new information. Our job as designers is to avoid the wall and... View Article

How to Host an Interactive Webinar

What is your idea of fun? Basking in the warm sun at the beach Hiking through radiantly beautiful mountains Playing outside with the kids Sitting in a quiet dark room For the most part, we all enjoy fun activities in which we interact with other people!  Shouldn’t our time spent working and learning be equally... View Article

Creating an Effective Assessment

An assessment — what do you mean I have to take an assessment? I graduated from school long ago; haven’t I taken enough assessments! When I first started supporting the financial sector I was a teller. As I was learning the process, we had assessments — each and every week! I dreaded assessment time because... View Article