15 Ideas for Reenergizing Your Training Curriculum for the Emerging Workforce

Have you noticed that you’re attending more retirement parties for exiting employees than in previous years? Are you no longer surprised by team leaders who are younger than their team members? For that matter, managers who are no longer called managers—and who are treated more as collaborators rather than as experts? Do your colleagues seem... View Article

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The Importance of Experiential Learning

Just hearing the term — experiential learning — tells us a lot. Clearly, it’s about learning through an experience of the topic under study. A deeper dive, however, reveals that experiential learning is more than just “learning by doing.”  It’s more like trying it on until you find what fits. The goal of experiential learning... View Article

How to Build a Successful Webinar

What makes a webinar particularly challenging for instructional designers? The very nature of a webinar is designed to include those who are not nearby. Chances are your audience is not only geographically distant, but culturally and philosophically distant as well. Engaging others, particularly diverse populations, is tricky when there is no body language to enhance... View Article

Is Your Training Challenging Enough for Your Employees?

Learning professionals want their training to be challenging for employees. But they also want to attract lots of registrations. It’s easy to see how a passion for engaging employees can cause an instructional designer to unwittingly “dumb down” the format, content, or dynamic of a training opportunity. Creating more challenging training is not a simple... View Article

12 Tips for Repurposing eLearning Content

Whether you call it chunking, slicing and dicing, or creating learning objects, reusing content is a winning formula for turning learning principles into action. After all, you’ve worked hard to create an effective and powerful learning experience. Why shouldn’t it have more than one life? I’ve listed below some tips to challenge you to see... View Article

Take Your Employee to Work Day — Is Job Shadowing Right for Your Company?

While most learning professionals will agree that the gold standard is on-the-job training, few would argue that it’s always the best solution for every performance need. Job shadowing can be an excellent substitute, because it provides on-the-job training without actually “practicing” on real files or people. In reviewing your methodology options, what questions might you... View Article

How to Create User-centric Courses for Successful eLearning

It’s easy to get caught up in designing learning based on what you and your team think is best.  You, of course, have the users’ best interests in mind. You want the learning experience to be a productive one. There are so many factors to consider: staffing, new product or system launches (and their ever-changing... View Article

5 Biggest Training Mistakes of 2016 and How to Fix Them

Following the latest trends in learning has always been important to those who want to keep their learners engaged. It seems, however, that staying “on trend” has become even more critical as technology has become part of every aspect of our lives. Being trendy is a good thing. But some of us, in our eagerness... View Article

Why Keywords Matter and Five Keywords to Use in Training Materials

It’s no easy task to make training materials instructional and engaging. Don’t underestimate the power of keywords in your efforts! Why keywords matter What can keywords do for you as an instructional designer? And, even more importantly, what can keywords do for learners? Here are three areas in which keywords can be most effective: Interest... View Article

5 Tools Every Instructional Designer Should Have in Their Back Pocket

Every occupation has its tools. A carpenter’s tools might include things like a circular saw, an assortment of drill bits, and architect plans. A doctor’s might include a stethoscope, an x-ray machine, and a database for access to medical information. Tools are reliable assets that enable you to do a job with maximum efficiency and... View Article

6 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your eLearning Implementation [Infographic]

From start to finish, the six steps you need to take to ensure the success of your eLearning implementation! [Tweet “6 Steps to Ensure the Success of Your #eLearning Implementation! by @ttcInnovations”] Hover over the image to save this to Pinterest!