5 Easy Ways to Save Big on Training Cost in the Middle of Q4

You just got out of a meeting with a desperate plea from one of your key stakeholders, realizing that X training solution is urgently needed in order to meet X performance needs by X date. You go back to your office, look at the training budget and realize there are few dollars available to get... View Article

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How to Use Learning Analytics to Measure Training

The term “analytics” seems to be everywhere these days. What are analytics? Or, more specifically, what does learning analytics mean, and why is it important? Analytics refers to information, so it’s quite simply the study of data. Learning (or training) analytics is the study of learning data.  It is important because it allows you to... View Article

Four Things Millennials Need to Succeed in the Workplace

Just in case you hadn’t heard…The Millennials (the generation born between 1980-2000) are coming.   No wait, the Millennials have arrived.  They are here.  They are in the workforce en masse and we need them.  And they have arrived with a unique set of needs that we should all be thinking about. Consider these needs... View Article

Video is the New Black — Why Millennials Choose This Media Over Others

Seems like you can’t go anywhere these days, especially on the internet, without seeing a video. They are everywhere right now, from YouTube to social media. You also can’t get very far without reading or hearing about the world’s largest generation to date, the Millennials. So, what do Millennials (80 million strong, generally ranging in... View Article

Using Social Media to Encourage Social Learning

More than any other generation thus far, Millennials, by and large, are the social media gurus of today’s work force.  There are just about 80 million of them, so they represent a significant chunk of any organization’s makeup.  Given their interest and consumption of social media, why not consider its importance in learning. While social... View Article

How to Ensure Learning Transfer During + After Training

In leadership there is a tenet that goes something like: “You should never send a changed person back into an unchanged environment.” (Raelin) As instructional designers and learning professionals, we often focus on the initial learning solution, ignoring the fact that the most important part of learning transference is what happens after the initial learning... View Article

Training Generation Z: 4 Considerations and a Final Thought

With Millennials having flooded the workplace in recent years, you’ve likely (hopefully) been very busy considering their unique generational needs and making adjustments to workplace training programs. Phew, we’re done right? Wrong! Generation Z is right on their heels and will be making their way into the workforce before we know it. Like those that... View Article

Millennials vs. Baby Boomers – The Key Differences in How They Learn + How to Engage Them Both

As humans, we often gravitate towards those that are like us. We are creatures of habit and drawn to that which we know. To that end, many relationships, both personal and professional, are formed on the basis of shared interest. Sometimes those interests are obvious, sometimes not. But what about the relationships not formed on... View Article

How to Establish Credibility in Your Field

Among other things, becoming an effective learning services professional requires that you establish yourself as a leader. While earning a degree or adding certifications to your resume is certainly necessary in establishing yourself as a leader in your field — that’s not what we are here to talk about. I’m talking about what happens after... View Article

How to Make An “Ugly” Project “Pretty”

Let’s talk about the ugly for a few minutes shall we? While we’re all experts in the field of instructional design (ID) consulting with lots of tools in our respective toolboxes, I think we can agree that things don’t always go according to plan. The landscape of a project can be extremely hard to navigate... View Article

11 Resources for Instructional Designers

Remember those New Year’s resolutions? Oh yes, the resolutions. Now that the holidays are a thing of the past and we’re putting plans in place for summer vacation, hopefully you’ve spent a little time chipping away at that list of resolutions you created. Many of you set some time aside to establish and work towards... View Article