Designing with Visual and Audio Accessibility in Mind: What You Need to Know

A few years back, I was on a team designing a program for employee career development. One of our tasks was to create a profile that showed an employee’s readiness to move to the next level. As we thought about ways to create something useful that would be a quick indicator of an employee’s progress,... View Article

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5 Innovative Ways to Use Cohort Forums in Learning

Cohort learning is an excellent way to bind groups of employees together so they can build better connections, share knowledge, and spark innovation. When these forums take place online, you’re giving participants a place to collaborate and learn from each other without the formality of a traditional training course. Online cohort learning forums also can... View Article

How to Find and Refine Your Instructional Design Niche

As instructional designers, it can sometimes feel like we are the star of a one-person band. We’re expected to be able to write any type of training a business may want while being masters of every part of the instructional design process. That is one tall order! But I’d like to argue that you shouldn’t... View Article

Millennials and Storytelling: 5 Reasons Why it Works for This Generation

Everyone likes a good story, but not everyone finds a particular so-called “good story” all that great. How do you write a Millennial-friendly story? One that this generation (so often referred to as the “Me Me Me Generation”) can find engaging? First, let’s redefine that cliché. I, for one, like to think of them as... View Article

Building Your Instructional Design Brand

A picture can be worth 1000 words in your training program. Whether you are writing for face-to-face delivery or web-based training, having the right visuals can be the thread that holds a presentation together. Good visual design helps focus the learner’s attention and can be an exciting, innovative way to present content. Here are a... View Article